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Logic templates etc.
Download the Logic template This environment shows you how control the Logic Fuzz-Wah plugin with an external controller, e.g. keyboard modwheel or MIDI footpedal. The keyboard control is useful to use after the audio file is recorded, it need not be a guitar, this works very well on many other instruments and virtual instruments. It uses the keyswitches C0 and C#0 to switch the bypass on and off. You just need to download then copy and paste the objects from this environment into yours, cable to the audio track, insert a Fuzz-wah plugin and play with the modwheel.
Attached is a video which explains how filters work with folders, how to visibly show which internal display level logic is using and also why and how score sets are chosen when ascending the visual display hierarchy. Future videos... or request what you would like to see and I will develop content as requested. Part #1- How the various Content Link modes work Part #2- How does the Up Folder / Up Hierarchy arrow work, what it does and why. Alternatives to the up arrow. Part #3- What are Filters and Score sets. Whey are they different and how do they affect the score in a positive way. Part #4- Score Sets - the details - what they do, what...
NB: Download the Logic project here Using the Sidechain in Logic's Compressor This is one of the more creative features of compression, not just the standard Logic compressor plugin, but of many of the good old analogue compressors. Instead of the compressor doing it’s stuff on the signal going into the regular input (let’s call this the main signal), what happens is that a completely different signal can be fed into the sidechain and instead of the main signal dictating how the compressor behaves, the sidechain signal does this so the compression applied to the main signal is no longer based on what that is doing dynamically but it is based on what is happening on a completely different track. Why? Back in the old days this was a...

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