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13 15 or 17 when traveling alot

Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by Mikael Adle, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Mikael Adle

    Mikael Adle New Member

    Im traveling alot by train and want to take a macbook with me to work while traveling.
    Anyone here who have insight of the different models along with either traveling by train or plane... what do you prefer? macbook pro 13, 15 or 17".
  3. crazzycat

    crazzycat New Member

    I didn't hear about variety in models but i use macbook 15
  4. lightrainends

    lightrainends New Member

    Not sure how much time you spend on airplanes, but even my 13" is cramped, especially if the person in front of me reclines. I guess it also depends what class you fly. But on a train, it's totally comfortable. It's really a tough call, because using Logic on a 13" screen is definitely less than ideal, but the weight/footprint is great.
  5. Mikael Adle

    Mikael Adle New Member

    And what do you think about it "on average" regarding the size compared to either 13" or 17"?
  6. Mikael Adle

    Mikael Adle New Member

    Thanks for sharing.
  7. paulnajar

    paulnajar Senior member

    Only the 17 has an express34 slot these days. This may be an issue for you. It is for me when upgrade time comes.
  8. Mikael Adle

    Mikael Adle New Member

    I have now tried and tested and will get the 13" macbook pro.

    All the best.

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