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Logic 9 2 Bounce questions from new Logic User

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by dorothydorothy, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. dorothydorothy

    dorothydorothy New Member

    Hey Guys,

    Recently switched from PT to Logic, although do still use PT for bands..

    Anyways 2 things I am having trouble finding in the manual.

    Firstly if I have begun a session at 44.1, but actually want to convert the session to 48 or something else, is there an easy 'save session as a different sample rate', or something.? It seems silly that I have to convert all of the audio files in the session to another sample rate first, and then change the actual sample rate of the session.

    Second, can I choose a number of regions on different tracks in the arrange window, and consolidate/bounce each one, rather than having to do them individually.? At the moment if I select multiple regions and choose the bounce in place it will just create some sort of bounced audio file on the actual selected track.

    Thanks guys.

  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Hi Andrew,
    Not multiple tracks at once. On the other hand, there is a "save all tracks as audio files" under the export commands in the main menu. Or you can select one at a time and export 8-(

    Coming from Protools you WILL find that in many ways Logic blows the doors off Pt:

    DSP efficiency: Logic can run a significantly higher amount of plug-ins than PT can

    Midi and score editing are better, editing of the data works better (trying something as simple at quantizing using the RT area on a PT track doesn't work as expected at all).

    Much better built in processing plug-ins and a higher number of excellent options for VI plug-ins (check out the compressor, with 6 DPS algorithms... very cool) PT doesn't have anything like Sculpture, one of the most interesting and advanced component modeled VI's out there today. And a huge library of samples and sounds for all it's VI's.

    That is why, in my humble opinion, Logic is the best app available today for music creation, right out of the box, using only it's own plug-ins. Add the NI bundle and a few Waves plug-ins (as well as UAD and Sound Toys) and it blows the doors off the studio I used to own about 15 years ago, with it's 6 ft rack of synths, fx, patchbays, huge and hot mixer, etc.

    So, welcome to Logic. It's not Protools *(even though under the key command menu you can actually load a preset that will give you all your old Protools key commands), it's something a little different.
  4. leytonnz

    leytonnz Senior member

    Dont know of a "save session as diff sample rate". I dont know an easy way to do it but consider:

    selecting all the audio in the bin and converting AudioFile>Copy/convert, then change the session rate.

    create a new session at 48khz and import once the File> project settings> assets>convert audio file sample rate when importing. is ticked.
    You could then import all the tracks form the 44.1 session through the brower >import window.

    do you need them all to start at the same place eg start of session?
    if not consider:

    select different regions> right click> convert> convert to new audio file.

    is that what you mean?


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