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2882 Legacy. Using DSP in Logic 9 under Snow Leopard

Discussion in 'Metric Halo' started by rhythmmaster, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. rhythmmaster

    rhythmmaster New Member

    Hi I have just acquired a 2882 and i am attempting to send some tracks out of logic to the dsp for processing. I have followed the guide online and have routed using the i/o plugin.

    The routing is as follows.

    1. I/O Plugin Logic- Out 3&4 In Adat 1&2

    2. MIO DSP- DAW 3&4 patched to the input of the plug, output of the plug to process 1&2

    3. MIO Routing-FWR/ADAT 1&2-Process 1&2

    4. MIO Mixer-Inputs set to FW Returns

    When i play back the audio is distorted (sounds like a bit crusher!) almost cyclic

    Any ideas what the problem could be? Could there be some sort of audio loop here?
  3. Allen Rowand

    Allen Rowand Member

    Please get in touch with support so that we can try to exactly reproduce your issue here.

  4. rhythmmaster

    rhythmmaster New Member

    Hi I appear to have solved the problem. I changed the sample rate to 48 and then back to 44 and the issue was resolved. Strange but that seems to have fixed it.

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