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3rd Song - Feedback Welcome

Discussion in 'LUG Media Station' started by YosserTenThousand, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. YosserTenThousand

    YosserTenThousand New Member

    Hey All,

    So this is my third attempt making a song using logic, everything is done in the box and using only Logics stock plug ins. In my opinion the mix is pretty horrible but iv spent so long going messing with it i think its time to take what iv learned and use it on a new song.

    Plus I'm moving from my hifi setup to monitors and an audio interface soon - yay!

    Anyway all feedback welcome on any aspect of the song, mix whatever.


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  3. bookwin

    bookwin New Member

    not bad but at around the 2:24 mark i was waiting for an explosive start,like where a guitar solo would be,it was building up to that but it never came.i think you need to go nuts there but thats just me.Its a nice riff you made keep at it-Cheers
  4. YosserTenThousand

    YosserTenThousand New Member

    Yeh def agree, it gets a bit bland/boring/repetitive, like its leading up to something decent that never quite happens.

    Thanks for taking the time to listen and feedback, very much appreciated.

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