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8 channel line-in Firewire interface?

Discussion in 'Studio Techniques' started by Patrick Randall, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. Anyone know of an 8 channel Firewire interface that I can plug my mixer direct-outs into to record 8 channels at once? (I will actually need 16 channels a little later so if there is an expansion option, that would be good).

    All these FW interface seem to be pre-amped up to the eyeballs.. Are there any with just analog TRS ins?

    I just tried a MOTU Traveler and the line-ins were overloading the pres.
  3. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    I would look at metric halo's 2882, or RME's Fireface 800. Both have 8 analogue inputs and ADAT expansion.

    Both of these models can be set up to take 8 line level inputs (in fact, the FF 800 has 10). The 2882 has the cabability to set each channel to microphone or line level, the FF 800 has 4 Mic Pres, on channels 7, 8, 9 and 10.

    I own both and can unreservedly recommend either. MH has the advantage of their amazing DSP technology.

    kind regards

  4. AJRussell

    AJRussell New Member

    I've had my eye on the PreSonus FireStudio for a while. Eight mic/line ins and ADAT if you want to expand later.
  5. pjl

    pjl Member

    In my opinion you can't go past the Metric Halo. I have the 2882 and it's the best interface I've ever had. As for expansion, you can run multiple units but the easy way would be to buy an 8-way AD converter and use the 2882's ADAT input to give you 16 channels from the one interface.
  6. This might be just the ticket. We are a small church so budget considerations loom. I want to be able to get started for LT $1000 for the interface and $600 for this looks good. Reading the FS manual there are line alternatives for the pre-amped channels so it would appear to be good for 8 channels. The RME and Metric jobblies look lovely but are probably too pricey for us right now.
    I've just been trying the MOTU traveler again and the Mackie direct outs just seem too hot for the traveler pres :-( I think it's going back.

    How would I expand to get the extra channels on a FS? Another two Firestudios into the ADAT? Please excuse my complete ignorance of ADAT and optical.. Or do I chain FW interfaces together?

    (Bear in mind I'm only on an i7 iMac with one FW800)

    Edit - from Presonus site:
    Ins and Outs
    The FireStudio is loaded with I/O for an extremely flexible and expandable recording system. The FireStudio starts with eight Class A custom-designed PreSonus microphone preamplifiers. You can add additional preamplifiers or analog inputs via the dual optical light pipe ports on the rear panel. You add up to two DigiMax FS, for a total of twenty-four microphone preamplifiers all in only three rack spaces! Additionally word/clock I/O for ultra tight synchronization, MIDI I/O and SPDIF I/O are on the FireStudio for further expandability.

    So if I do that, how do they appear in L9 I wonder? Anyone done this Lightpipe chaining please?
  7. AJRussell

    AJRussell New Member

    You don't have to use the DigiMax FS. It's a fine preamp, but ADAT is an open format, anyone can build a preamp with an ADAT connection. Personally I'd go for something like the Focusrite OctoPre with the digital expansion. Focusrite just brought out the Mk2, so the original is going cheap at most suppliers now.

    As for how the interface itself shows up in Logic, when you go into Prefs -> Audio, you choose it there by name. Then in each audio channel, the Input Source drops down to show Input 1, Input 2... and so on up to Input 8. If you have extra preamps connected, the FireStudio becomes aware of it, and the Input Sources now go up to Input 16, or Input 24, whatever. Pro Tools lets you name your inputs more usefully, but Logic doesn't seem to let you do this. At least, I haven't found the option for it in Express 8 yet (hint hint).
  8. AJ - what is your config? (I have been reading a few about a few driver probs (mostly SnowLeopard I think))
  9. AJRussell

    AJRussell New Member

    I don't actually own one yet, I've only seen it used in a Windows setup. But I'm waiting on the finance to get one.

    I'm on Leopard but I'd be interested to see what you've been reading about driver issues. You might be about to burst my bubble :(
  10. check out the countless posts in the Presonus' forum. Many unhappy campers.
    Well, that may be an overstatement!
    I've just registered and will do some trawling.
    On spec it looks just what I want but I'll be new to iMac and Logic Studio so don't want more diversions. It's essential to be able to get up to 24inputs easily. I'd like to see someone who is happy with a driver and config they are using. Let me know if you find one?
  11. AJRussell

    AJRussell New Member

    Yeah, seems like the problem is with the Beta drivers for Snow Leopard. I have to admit, leaving customers with Beta drivers for an OS almost a year old is pretty shocking. And it seems Presonus' reputation for customer service is split right down the middle between good and bad:

    I'm still on Leopard and have no plans to upgrade, so I'm still in, though now I'm thinking I need to try out a unit before I invest. You might wanna keep an eye on that one, or just ignore my advice completely and keep looking. Sorry.

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