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Logic 9 9.1-Possible Graphical Bugs in Piano Roll?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by mDay, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. mDay

    mDay Member

    Been using 9.1 for a few days and a couple of graphical things in the Piano Roll that are very annoying:

    1. Let's say I View Hyper Draw, i.e. Sustain Pedal, and I size the Sustain Pedal view area so that its larger and easier for editing and then I Disable Hyper Draw view after I'm done and then close the Piano Roll, the next time I open the Piano Roll and View Hyper Draw again the view area is almost completely shrunken down to the bottom of the Piano Roll and I have to resize it again.

    Sustain Pedal View Sized for editing:

    Sustain Pedal View Shrunk after next time opening Hyper Draw:

    In Logic 8 and earlier versions the normal behavior was that what ever size you made the Hyper Draw View area it would always stay that way.

    2. Let's say I'm editing a note length (or editing a Sustain Off end point in Hyper Draw view) in the Piano Roll and the note is at the far right hand side of the screen or at end of the region, when I click-hold on the note to adjust its length the help tag that pops up is cut off by the end of the screen. In other words, you can't read the all the info in the help tag because the screen is cutting it off. Notice half of it is missing!


    This behavior seems to have just started with 9.1. The previous versions of Logic 9 didn't do this.

    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  3. Badger

    Badger Member

    Have you tried making a screenset with a piano roll how you like it.

    Shouldn't have to be a workaround I know but seeing as the software has screensets... =)
  4. mDay

    mDay Member

    i guess that's what i'll have to do. i think its pretty weird though that the issue with the help tags only just appeared in 9.1. all earlier 9 versions were fine. oh well

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