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Logic 8 a few simple logic pro 7 questions!!

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by dougens, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. dougens

    dougens New Member

    hi there

    can anyone tell me the following please?

    how to delete the standard template that appears when i open logic?
    i can't seem to find an option to get rid of this in preferences

    when i open mixer via shortcut i.e. apple + 2 it opens another one so i end up with lots of mixers etc rather tha just switching from environment to mixer??

    i heard you can import pro tools key shortcuts to logic studio can you do this in pro?

    thanks for any answers
  3. sonnykeyes

    sonnykeyes Senior member

    I have a key command (Option-W) set up for "Cycle Through Windows" so instead of using Apple-2 to open a mixer, I have it open already and just bring it to the front. The same key command brings my Arrange window back to the front again. Much quicker than opening windows all the time. HTH
  4. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    It's a while since I used Logic 7, but i think you just save whatever song you want as a template using "save as a template" and name it "autoload"

    Regarding the mixer/environment , read the section in the manual on screensets. Very handy and useful for a fast workflow.

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