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Logic X A Flex Question

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by HKC, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. HKC

    HKC Senior member

    Hi there
    I just want to ask if flex editing still isn't included in the BIP bounces. I have an awful lot of tracks where the drums are slightly flex'ed and now the project is moving from Logic to PT and I wonder if there is a way to avoid spending an entire day bouncing one track at the time.

    All the best
  3. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    Any flex edits should be included in a BIP.

    However you may want to use Export > all tracks as audiofiles

    AFAIK these methods have always included Flex. BIP gives you the option to include effects in inserts
  4. HKC

    HKC Senior member

    Hi Pete
    Flex wasn't included in Logic 9 and since then I hadn't had the need to move anything on to PT. I will give it a test now.

    Thanks for the reply
  5. HKC

    HKC Senior member

    And it worked, cool :)
    Pete Thomas likes this.
  6. doofus

    doofus Member

    I use Logic 9 and it always had Flex..just sayin'
  7. bayswater

    bayswater Senior member

    It worked for me in V9 too.
  8. HKC

    HKC Senior member

    Hmm it must have sneaked in during the updates. I do have a memory from the original introduction of flex that it wasn't included in .bip files.
    Anyway it's great that it works now.

    Thanks for the help
  9. HKC

    HKC Senior member

    BTW what I meant by Flex wasn't included in Logic 9 was that it wasn't included in the BIP files.

    All the Best

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