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Logic X A.G Toolkit PRO 3 ::: RELEASED ::: Logic True Multi-Timbral Articulation Switcher; MIDI Channel & Ar

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Tangra, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Hello everyone,
    I’m excited to announce to you the A.G Logic Toolkit PRO v3.0. I announced this major update in some other forums on 23 of June, and now I want to keep you informed here as well.

    Almost two years have passed since Audiogroceryannounced the 3dr party Instruments articulation switching technology.This method shows the Articulation switching data as single text control points in the Logic automation view. The method is called A.G Logic Articulation Maps, because each automation control point can send multiple MIDI messages such as Two Key Switches, a Program Change and Two Control Changes to the Instrument. The Maps control points can switch the Instrument MIDI Channels as well. The Key Switches are not shown in the Score, as well as you can transpose regions/tracks without destroying the Key Switches like before.

    Key Features(v3.0)

    1. True Multi-Timbral Articulation Switcher (Fig.1). A single MIDI FX plugin which can create up to 16 MIDI Channels (Articulation Menus) automatically according to theMap Assignments. You can set separate Articulation Switching lanes for each Multi-Timbral Track, where the ArticulationChannel menus of the Plugin will be shown as: Ch1. Violins; Ch2 Violas; Ch.3 Cellos etc.


    2. MIDI Channel & Articulation Switcher (Fig.2). This MIDI FX plugin can switch the MIDI Channels and the Instrument Articulations on the fly using a single Logic track set to Ch.All. For example, you can switch from Spiccato Ch.1 to Marcato Ch.5 etc. This is an essential tool for the Hollywood Strings, Session Horns etc users.


    3. Universal Articulation Maps Protocol (UAMP). Audiogrocery is proud to announce this universal Standard. Now you can create custom Articulation Multi-Timbral Mapsin the provided UAMP starting template and use the same Maps with both Articulation Switching plugins.

    4. Vienna Matrix & Articulation Switching and Sample Modeling control. Now the UAMP offers two Key Switches (KS1 & KS 2), MIDI Channel, Program Change, and two CC assignments per Map. Now you can switch the Vienna Matrixes and the Articulations as never before using two Key Switches or Program Change and Key Switch sent by a single automation control point.

    5. 3rd Party Instruments & EXS24 Factory Channel Strip ArticulationPresets. This bundle includes Factory Articulation Maps for Kontakt 5 Factory Library; Sample Modeling (Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Tuba); Embertone Violin and Cinematic Strings. The Channel Strip A.G Presets load various Instruments plus their correspondent MIDI FX Articulation Switcher plugin. The same MIDI FX Articulation Presets are available in the Scripter A.G User or A.G Factory folders.

    6. Advanced Control Preferences. There is a new Key Switch Latching assignment (per Map), which is essential for the Instruments which require you to hold down one Key Switch or two Key Switches while playing (Sample Modeling for example). A Softake Over feature is added in the in AM-Extra plugin Preferences. This feature stores all Controller values such as CC1, CC11 etc on the fly, and prevents any sorts of sudden changes during the MIDI Channel switching. Both Articulation Switching plugins offer a
    "Send Controller After Loading Project" Preference. There are up to four CC Number Assignments here where you can set the CC Number, MIDI Channel to be sent as well as an initial Value setting.

    The official (Entire Video) is available as different Parts in the A.G web site.

    Happy switching,


    Last edited: Jun 25, 2015
  3. James Davis

    James Davis New Member

    I'm greatly looking forward to exploring these enhancements. Seems like a lot of good stuff here.
  4. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Hi James,

    There lots of new features in AG Toolkit PRO v3.0. I could not list all of them here. Here is another Important feature I did not mention in the original Post. It is the new AG External Articulation Switching feature. You can use external Key Switches, Program Change or Control Change messages to switch the Logic Articulations. Note, the external MIDI messages are not recorded from the Logic Sequencer (they are invisible hi-jacking the Sequencer).


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