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Accidentally cut audio - CANNOT RESTORE

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by c0lm23, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. c0lm23

    c0lm23 New Member

    I was trying to trim to empty measures from the beginning of the song (which had automation data I could not delete for some reason) and I accidentally hit Cut (ctrl x) instead of Cut/Insert Time, which I was instructed to do so from a help forum. This caused a small section of audio to be cut from an audio track I had imported (the actual track was not in the arrangement, but it existed within the EXS24 sampler I had used to chop the track).

    There was a message that popped up that said this action cannot be undone, followed by more text which I unwisely did not read as I had assumed that the Cut action would cut the empty bars.

    I tried completely reimporting the audio file from my iTunes (which is completely in tact, the section I had cut was still in there obviously) into the arrangement, yet when played in the arrangement within Logic, somehow the piece I had cut was not there.

    To confuse me even more, when I attempted to paste the section in a random track in an effort to recover it, I pasted the last section I had cut prior to this unwanted cut, indicating to me that I did not cut anything from the arrangement itself, but rather some other source??

    Any help on how to either restore what I had cut or how to import the audio file without the cut section would be greatly appreciated.

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