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Logic 8 Aggregate One to GR 3 Kontrol

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by ButchGTR, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. ButchGTR

    ButchGTR New Member

    To aggregate or not aggregate that is the question…I think????.I'm not even sure what aggregate means so bear with me!!Heres what i have and I'm retrying to do

    1.Guitar rig 3 kontrol
    2.Apogee One

    I want to use the GR Kontrol as my input for gtr and the One for input for mics and always as the output.....It ain't working out to well though.

    #1.is this possible?
    #2.How to hook it up

    what I've Done.
    1.I've assigned the GRK and One to the appropriate I/O in systems/ sound…no worky
    2.I can only assign either or the GRK or One as the device in Logic
    3.I've tried assigning the I/O in Audio Midi Setup and it won't change.

    btw I've read AMS is where you "aggregate" devices but I see nothing there .AAMOF It doesn't look ANYTHING like the One manual shows..on top of that if I open AMS it won't open from the dock i have to quit from there then reopen utilities and open from there(that seems very wrong!….



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