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Logic 9 All instruments dropping out?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by derek austin, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. derek austin

    derek austin New Member

    Suddenly had this problem. All audio tracks are ok, but Instruments, whether Logic's or 3rd party, are suddenly almost dropping out, that is, they are still audible, but very quiet: nothing to do with their faders or automation, they just get incredibly quiet. There's no automation contained within their midi tracks, BTW. If reloaded, they will play normally for a while, but then disappear again. This is not a hardware problem, all audio tracks continue at their normal volume.

    All midi info is still present, all samples are still loaded (eg EWQLSO). Running 8 core mac Pro, 14g ram, 10.6 Logic 9.

    Never had this before: can anyone shed light on this?

    In hope!

  3. derek austin

    derek austin New Member

    As a PS..

    after searching around, I've found references from the past to 'SIDS'..Sudden Instrument Death Syndrome. However, these mostly relate to earlier incarnations of Logic. Has anyone else experienced this in Pro 9, and did they find a cure?

    Mine is a completely fresh installation on a dedicated SSD. I have another HD with Logic on that behaves ok..

    very strange.


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