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Analog summing out of Logic 8?

Discussion in 'Studio Techniques' started by Steven White, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. Steven White

    Steven White New Member

    I'm running Logic 8 on a Mac Mini, my interface is a Presonus Firestudio Project. I'm hoping to be able to use a Mackie 1402-VLZ mixer as an analog summing mixer to give me the ability to have a different sound to some mixes.

    I realize the 1402 isn't a top-of-the-line analog summing mixer. But if I can make this work I will eventually upgrade to a better unit. My goal is:

    1) Send single tracks in groups (stems) to the Mackie to be mixed to stereo pairs back in Logic.
    2) These stems would be drums, guitars, keys, strings, voices, etc.
    3) Finally send the final stems back to the Mackie from Presonus and mix these final stems into the final stereo pair to then be finalized and/or mastered as a finished piece of music.

    Because the Presonus uses Out 1-2 as its main output to my monitors I've started with Out 3-4 as the first available pair for sending tracks to the Mackie.

    Track 1: Drums : Out 3-4
    Track 2: Bass : Out 5-6
    Track 3: Guitars : Out 7-8

    Each of these Outs go to channel inputs on the Mackie as left-right pairs, channel numbers matching with the Presonus outs to avoid confusion. I then route the mains left-right out of the Mackie to inputs 7 & 8 on the Presonus. I created a new track, in this session as Track 6 and set its in as Input 7-8. Track 6 is set to record.

    When I begin recording I hear tracks 1-3 playing and if the left-right mains are brought up on the Mackie I hear that mix added to what I'm hearing through the monitors.

    But while I'm mixing these stems to a stereo pair I only want to hear that mix in the monitors. It seems as though Logic is sending everything in all these tracks to the monitors as well as the mix coming from the Mackie into Track 6. The only track set to send to Out 1-2 is Track 6 and there is a Out 1-2 fader in Logic's mixer.

    What's puzzling is that for each of the Outs I created in Logic there is a separate channel strip in the mixer (Out 3-4, Out 5-6, Out 7-8). Is the problem that each of these Out channel strips is sending to Master in Logic? What can I do with these Out channel strips to create the mixing environment I want to use?

    I've attached an image of Logic as it's configured ready to record. I'm certain this is only a routing issue but I can't find the problem. Do you think I need to do something with the Presonus Universal Control application to reroute signal(s) at that point? If so please be as verbose as you can as that program's configuration is more than a little confusing to me.

    Cheers for reading all the way through and I hope you can help me.

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