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Logic 8 Another error message problem

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by wildstratoz, May 30, 2011.

  1. wildstratoz

    wildstratoz New Member

    Hi Logicians!
    It's been a while since my visit here and when I just about to enliven the forum again, I bumped to an annoying problem with my Logic.

    So here's the case,

    I was recording a live music gig using Logic Pro 8 (8.0.0, 1437.23) with my MBP (1.83G, Mac OS 10.4.11, 2G RAM) through Focusrite Saffire Pro 26 i/o to my USB external hard drive. I was recording 8 tracks simultaneously at 48kHz, buffer size 128, i/o safety buffer off, tracks 1-4 through front panel (¼ inch) inputs and tracks 5-8 through back panel inputs (XLR).

    I had no problem with Logic when the gig started and it recorded flawlessly until the first act done. The problem came when the second act started. I muted the first 8 tracks (ChannelStrip mute), created 8 new tracks and started from the beginning again. After 20 minutes Logic started showing up error message “Disk is too slow or System overload (-10010)”, freezed and stopped recording. During freezing the audio output was not interrupted at all. I then continued recording with the error message kept on flashing, Logic freezed and stop recording every several minutes. Despite all this Logic didn't crash.

    After the second act done, I decided to make new session file and recording the third act straight to MBP internal hard drive, I also unplugged any USB hard drive & peripherals from my MBP. But it only got worse, the warning showed up 5 or 10 seconds after I hit record and towards the end of the gig I couldn't record a thing as Logic showed up the warning even more often and stopped recording.
    I was curious and played back the last recorded session and to my surprise, the error message

    I've crosschecked with other posts about error messages like this but nothing could explain why two different session files are showing up the same error message. I do have a theory, that my system drive (which is my MBP internal drive) has something wrong but I'm frankly puzzled by what happened as I did lots of multi tracks live recording sessions without problems before with my MBP.
    I hope my description is clear and I really need help about this, any helps & thoughts are highly appreciated!

    Here are some of the posts I checked regarding error messages,
  3. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    I can't answer why you're having the problem, but have a suggestion.


    Did you ever restart your computer during this time?

    Can you add more than the 2 gigs of RAM you have?

    You have two versions of Logic and two versions of the Mac OS on your computer drive? Why?

    It's not clear to me why you would want to use Logic 8 if you have version 9. The most recent update of Logic 9 (9.1.4) supposedly gives better information on these kinds of errors. I quite honestly would never use 8 if I had 9 available - I think it's a superior product.

    It also not clear to me why you're still using 8.0.0. That's not the best version of that software. Why don't you at least update to a newer release??
  4. wildstratoz

    wildstratoz New Member

    Yes I did and Logic still gave me the error message

    Unfortunately no, my MBP is an old one, a 2006 model. 2 gigs is the max for the model

    Correction, I have 10.6 on my iMac and my MBP is still with 10.4.11. The problem is with my MBP

    I totally agreed! I only used Logic 8 because of the limitation of my MBP. OK, I think I need some opinions here, should I get new MBP?

    1. I never had problems with 8.0.0
    2. Internet connection here suck, updating often interrupted.
    3. After I got Logic 9 I upgraded my internet connection for update sake and I don't work on Logic 8 that much anymore As for updates I'm more focus to keep my Logic 9 up to date

    Thanks for asking Doug, it gives me more thought of finding out on what's wrong with my MBP & Logic 8. I'm still searching and would love to hear other thoughts about this.

  5. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    I'd suggest upgrading to 8.0X, what ever the last version was. Logic 8 was a real pos. The MAc Book Pro you have can take 3 gig I believe (I have the same model I think), and 10.5 might be a better OS.
    Have you tried to both mute the track and mute the region? I think you might still be playing beck the other 8 tracks while recording 8 more.

    Buffer size? try 256.

    Also, try a FW 800 drive. They have twice the data throughput as a FW 400 drive, and should be able to record lots of tracks. You should see less "disc too slow" type errors.
  6. wildstratoz

    wildstratoz New Member

    Hi George,

    This I found true, I've checked every bit of my mobile recording system and couldn't find any other explanation than 8.0.0 was the source. My only question,why now?:confused:

    3 gigs? But the manual and lots of mac sites/forums said this model max RAM is 2 gigs. Can we actually install one 2 gigs so-dimm ram and one 1 gig so-dimm ram in this model ram slots?
    For my MBP OS, I'm ready for upgrade soon, somehow 10.4x is not so comfortable anymore for my working environment.

    Yes I did and to a no better result. In the last hour of the gig, Logic didn't even want to do a playback and kept giving me error message

    256? Worth a try :)

    I'm using the firewire port for my audio interface, if I'm going to use FW drive, would I need to get external FW port hub for it? Is it a good option, recording through a hub?
  7. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    >The MAc Book Pro you have can take 3 gig I believe (I have the same >model I think), and 10.5 might be a better OS.[/QUOTE]
    >3 gigs? But the manual and lots of mac sites/forums said this model max >RAM is 2 gigs. Can we actually install one 2 gigs so-dimm ram and one 1 >gig so-dimm ram in this model ram slots?

    I have 1 2gig and 1 1gig in mine

    If you go into the apple menu and open up "about this mac" and then more info, what model identifier number is your MBP?

    >For my MBP OS, I'm ready for upgrade soon, somehow 10.4x is not so >comfortable anymore for my working environment.

    I run 10.6 on mine...

    >256? Worth a try :)

    256 is the minimum I would use for normal recording, and if I was in a situation where the band was playing live and I was doing was recording them playing, I'd go up to 1024... who cares about latency at that point?

    >I'm using the firewire port for my audio interface, if I'm going to use FW >drive, would I need to get external FW port hub for it? Is it a good option, >recording through a hub?

    Doesn't your Mac Book Pro have both a FW 800 and FW 400 port on it? As for hubs, don't even go there. I have seen more issues because of these than you can imagine. Just get very short cables between the drives.
  8. wildstratoz

    wildstratoz New Member

    it's MacBookPro 1,1 and the manual said max RAM is 2 gigs, or not?

    Frankly, me :redface:

    No and I rechecked my MBP again after your post, in case I have missed that very useful fw800 port all these times, my old MBP still only have one fw400 port.
  9. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Your Macbook Pro does have an express card slot. Why not get a FW 800 card for it, and gain a couple of FW800 slots? That is not too much $$$.

    Anyways, yes, she is a slow old thing, but much faster than my old Dual 1.8 GHZ G5, which I did many records on, so it can be used for onsite recording, if you find a way to get better disc access, and avoid plugins while recording.

    If I were you, I'd increase the buffer size (I/O only) and get an express card 3/4 FW 800 card, and a good FW 800 drive, you should be good to go.

    The 5200 rpm drives from that era are pretty slow and small. I wouldn't use that under any circumstances.
  10. wildstratoz

    wildstratoz New Member

    Thanks for the tips George.

    I have opened the session files again, both I tried on buffer size 128 & 256. I setup everything just the same as the setup at the gig. Remember that in the last hour of the gig Logic couldn't even playback? It didn't happen now, in fact the problem didn't happen at all.
    So I think I won't take chances with my current setup, I'll go to upgrade my MBP OS and Logic.

    Thanks again for you who have shared your thoughts, ideas and tips:thmbup:

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