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Any QuNeo Users Out There?

Discussion in 'Audio Units: Effect and Instrument Plugins' started by SubBlack, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. SubBlack

    SubBlack New Member

    Hi all I just got my QuNeo a coupla days ago and I am digging. it. I wanted to share a file with ya'all, it's a MIDI file that spells out the alphabet on to your pads. You can drop the midi file in to any daw on a mac, pc, or linux, assign that track's output to quneo, and press play.

    The cool thing is you can chop up the midi file, rearrange the letters, and spell your own phrases. Change the tempo and change the speed of the lights. Here's an example:


    And the midi file is attached. Assembled it all in Logic 9. Lemme know what you think.

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