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Logic 9 Anyone know of an environment object note selector?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by mbesq, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. mbesq

    mbesq New Member

    Has anyone seen an environment object that will filter some notes, so that you could define a scale i.e. never play a bad note again? That is if you don't want to.

    Even better if there is some way for it to follow chord changes in a Logic song.

    This would give Logic a kind of automatable Omnichord mode.


  3. zerobeat

    zerobeat Senior member

    A series of Environment objects can definitely do this, not just one by itself.

    Anybody with rudimentary high-level programming experience, and good knowledge of MIDI and Logic's environment, could build this. Even without the programming experience most could figure it out.

    It's even likely that somebody has already built such a thing in 18 years that Logic's been around.
  4. AJRussell

    AJRussell New Member

    The Chord Memorizer does pretty much exactly what you're looking for on both counts. You can turn it into a Scale Filter by programming it to turn the 'wrong' notes - the ones outside the scale - into right ones. Or you can get it to turn single notes into chords.
  5. mbesq

    mbesq New Member

    Does anyone know where one might find something like this?

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