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Anyone Using SSD Drives ??

Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by snds2good, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. snds2good

    snds2good New Member

    Anyone Using SSD Drives in their Mac?? As an Apps drive or for sounds.. Considering going that way for my laptop & tower Running Logic & Protools....
    To Try and improve performance & boot & load times...
    Any experiences would be helpful...

    Cheers Tom..
  3. alyssataylor1962

    alyssataylor1962 New Member

    SSD drives are going to be standard for our new Sales laptops but SSD drives do not have a good reputation.The concern is that SSDs have a lower number of write cycles than traditional hard drives.It's hard to know with such a new category of product.
  4. smeet

    smeet Member

    I thought SSD drives were MUCH faster than hard drives. Is that not really the case?
  5. snds2good

    snds2good New Member

    They are not just faster , but Game change faster.. Migration to SSD's will be a standard as soon as prices fall into a more resonable zone.... There is already 1 orchestral library where an SSD SATA 6 raid is a REQUIREMENT to get the voice count up to play back their samples.... I'm sure there will be more.... Not to say there are no issues.... OSX doesn't support TRIM yet, even tho the Macbook Air comes standard with an SSD... the new Laptop & towers now have the standard option to deliver with SSD drives using the Toshiba H2 512GB SSD... curiously tho, the new Apple Tower does not have on board Sata 6.0 you need a $50 card .. ( theoretically Sata 3.0 can be maxed out with a single SSD drive Read speed) so raiding SSD's on a mac without SATA 6.0 may be somewhat futile.... (this is the info I've been gathering on the subject so far ) .
    Cheers Tom....

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