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Apogee Symphony IO with Apogee 64 PCIe card is HD system for Logic Pro X

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by TheGiftof_7, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. TheGiftof_7

    TheGiftof_7 New Member

    Utilizing both the Apogee Sysmphony IO and Apogee 64-PCIe Card(thunder bridge) with your Mac Pro/MacBook Pro in conjunction with Logic Pro X, is in fact "LOGIC PRO X HD". Think of that for a moment, for the fraction of the price of say, AVID Protools HD.

    I've been a proud owner of the new Symphony interface since 2009' and recently the 64 card, and even ran this by Apogee themselves both in customer service and on the tech-side of the house, which both "UN-officially" confirmed this discovery by myself ( I am quite sure I'm not the only person who realized this fact, lol). I just wanted to share this on here with you guys, as something to think about when looking to add an audio interface to your setup.

    PRO's :
    1.) Offically Partenerd with Apple & designed for Mac's.
    2.) Frees up CPU processing.
    3.) Open sound without a signature sound of the audio interface.
    4.) Cost effective.

    CON's :

    I hope this was informitive.

    TheGift of7™

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