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Logic X Aria Player volume goes to Zero

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by sus4, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. sus4

    sus4 Member

    Something in Logic Pro X is turning the volume in my sound Library, ARIA Player, to zero and then back up. I deleted all the automation on that particular track and am still having the problem. Is there a way of looking inside that track to see what is doing this? Looking in the Score Editor or the Piano Roll Editor shows nothing but the notes.
    When I open ARIA Player and I play the track I can see at that particular spot the volume goes down to zero and then goes back up.
    Any ideas from anyone?
  3. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    First check if what is causing this is on the track or within a region or regions.

    I would make a new track and Aria player then copy the regions over to that track and see if it's still happening. If so it is something i the region, not the track
  4. sus4

    sus4 Member

    Pete, I don't know the difference between a Region and a Track. They look the same to me and I read the manual and still don't see the difference.
  5. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, the event list is the editor of choice - but for examining the contents of regions (more about that below). Here is some info about the event list:

    In the event list you may see volume change automation which could be causing the volume change you describe. Try this: in the main window, set the playhead to a position at or slightly before where the volume drops. Click on whichever region is present there on the track you are using with the ARIA player, then hit Cmd 7 to open the event list and look for volume values.

    Prior to doing this, as you seem to not have grasped the basics of tracks and regions, I suggest you start reading here:

    Also, make sure that show advanced tools is checked. You will find this setting in Logic Pro X - Preferences

    Logic is a very deep, complex piece of software. You have to give yourself time and be prepared to put a lot of effort into mastering it. Good luck!

    kind regards

  6. sus4

    sus4 Member


    I followed your advice: I placed the playhead just before the problem aria, I opened ARIA Player to see where the volume dropped, I hit A and the automation window opened, I made sure I was in the regions mode rather than track mode. Then I hit Comm7 and the Event List window opened and in it I could see two words that said Modulation so I deleted them and the problem was resolved. No more volume drops. Not sure what modulation is, but that must have happened when I was trying to create a crescendo effect with my midi controller.

    I already started to read the manual and other articles on Regions and Tracks. I'm not good when it comes to reading manuals, they just bore me. I do better when things are explained to me.

    I did look in the manual and other articles, but nothing I read pointed specifically to the problem I was having. I notice that manuals explain what a program can do, but they don't always explain how to do it....not all the time.

    I thank you so much for your help and teaching me a few things.

  7. bayswater

    bayswater Senior member

    Have a look at Aria settings to what is controlling volume. IIRC, in the default settings, Aria doesn't use CC 7. I think it uses CC1 or CC 11. Sometimes you get no sound at all from it unless you change expression values or change the Aria settings.

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