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Artist Mix with softsynths

Discussion in 'Euphonix' started by zerobeat, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. zerobeat

    zerobeat Senior member

    Can the Artist Mix access a softsynth's parameters? I can see how to access the the various insert fx (technically, the first slot is really "insert #2", as the softsynth is "insert #1").

    So why can't I see "insert #1" (the softsynth)?
  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Yes you can automate the parameters of most soft synths. Set up automation to "touch" mode, move the knob you wish to automate, and you should then be able to see it in the automation lane as long as you have the "show automation" selected (press your "A" key to enable).

    Once you can see the automation lane, you can use either a tool to create more automation moves, or simply move the knob or dial with your mouse. If you want to assign a controller to change these levels, most plugins have some kind of protocol to do this BUT THEY ARE ALL A BIT DIFFERENT. So, it get the most out of it, you will need to consult the documentation for that plug-in.
  4. zerobeat

    zerobeat Senior member

    I was asking about how the Artist Mix can access a softsynth's parameters, not whether they can be automated. I can see how to scroll through the various insert fx on the Artist Mix, but not to the softsynth (which is technically "Insert 1")
  5. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    I imagine the answer is that the developer hasn't either supplied the Euphonix guys with the data needed.

    Did you try and move the plug-in from slot 2 (where you could see the data) to slot one (to verify that the Euphonics CAN see the first slot correctly)? IF you can do that, and still not see the softsynths parameters, I would say that it's pretty certain the 2 companies aren't talking.

    You can also try a second or 3d softsynth from another manufacturer in other slots to see if any of them might also be seen.

    Sorry for the cryptic answers, but when we deal with these automation devices, they usually don't work 100% correctly.
  6. zerobeat

    zerobeat Senior member

    Softsynths can only be instantiated in slot 1.
    Again... this is the slot above the output slot (not graphically where the other insert fx go).

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