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Logic 9 At Wits End ...recording multi track Midi ? Auto Demix

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by akinch, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. akinch

    akinch New Member

    I think that's how you say it....

    I think this should be easy, please help!!

    I have Logic 9.1.6, snow leopard, Intel Mac.

    RME FF400 has 2 Physical Midi Ins
    external synth
    Superior Drummer.

    QUESTION: Can I record Midi from the External keyboard simultaneously with the Octopad, but seperated on different tracks?

    I have selected "auto demix midi" when recording multipule tracks.

    I have gone in the environment and created 2 Midi Instruments, and slected the appropriate physical Inputs. I just can't seem to "grasp" or get thru my thick skull, (I have made a decent effort @ reading the manual, and threads) how to complete the setup in the environment.

    I just want to make music, and everytime I go to do something with this setup, I end up spending hours trying to figure it out....:brkwl:lol, and lose hope.

    How do I FORCE midi from my Octopad only to go to one track, and vice versa with the keyboard? At the sametime, consistently.

    What am I missing, besides, talent, and a brain? and please, I do have a Johnson...

    shut the 'f' up donny, VI lennon, Vladamir Illiatch Ulinov....

    ohh man it's late...

    at least it was raining all day, and I didn't miss anything outside..

    Has the whole world gone crazy? am I the only one who gives a sh........
  3. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    Logic only records per MIDI channel, not per MIDI port. So, if you want to distinguish the MIDI ports, you either have to set the external devices to different channels or insert transformers in the Logic Environment which set different channels right after the physical input at the appropriate ports.

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