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Logic 8 Audio CPU Overload

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by andyc02, May 20, 2009.

  1. andyc02

    andyc02 New Member

    I have moved my sample libraries from an internal 7200 Maxtor drive to an external GRaid 2 drive and finding that songs that previously ran ok are now gliching due to Core Audio system overload . The audio cpu is maxing out on the right channel . disk I/O ok . The G tech drive is connected via firewire 800 Have tried 2nd cable , same problem. Any help suggestions ?
    thanks from a new member
  3. Stigc56

    Stigc56 New Member

    Is the G tech sitting alone on the firewirebus?
  4. andyc02

    andyc02 New Member

    yes ...long delay I know but Ive been away ....hope theres still help out there !
  5. heebbm

    heebbm New Member

    is ESATA an option?
  6. andyc02

    andyc02 New Member

    Im not sure! Presume its a card in which case

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