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Logic 9 audio file plays on other tracks

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by bobbycheatham, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. bobbycheatham

    bobbycheatham New Member

    i have a session that is acting strangely. i've imported audio files onto designated tracks, but the audio also plays on other tracks. for example, an imported mono file on track 1 also plays on track 3. in addition, some of the tracks have a red slash over the 'solo' button.

    why is this? and how do i fix it.

  3. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    Hi there, welcome to the LUG.

    From the sound of it, you have duplicates of the same channel strip in your project.

    Concerning the red slash over the solo button, this is solo safe. The solo safe channel is usually assigned to track 256. If you imported an arrangement from an older version of logic, and perhaps increased the size of the mixer over time, there may be more than one channel strip set to solo safe. Ctrl click on the solo button to return it to normal, but remember that logic wants one channel strip to be set to solo safe in order to facilitate play back from the sample editor. It makes sense not to use this channel strip for any audio material in your arrangement. To illustrate how Logic likes this to be, simply create a new arrrangement, add, for the sake of argument, 24 audio tracks. Open the Audio environment and you should see two channel strips with solo safe on. One is set to audio 256, the other, which is intended to play the click track a.k.a klofpgeist, is set to instrument 256.

    kind regards

  4. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    Mark is correct. If you don't have audio 256 in your mixer for the Sample Editor playback, Logic uses the highest existing track number, which is likely to be one that is currently used in your arrangement.

    This cought me out for a while after L9 was introduced.

    This does happen when using projects created on older versions which had a different method: you defined the playback audio from within the Sample Editor IIRC, and had to remember not to use this in your arrange (default was 1 I think)

    This explains why solo safe keeps coming back after you turn it off on the highest number audio.

    Any other solo safes should stay off once you turn them off worth a ctrl click as Mark says.
  5. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    And regarding why one track will be playing back on another at the same time - it's likely because they are assigned to the same channel strip/audio track.
  6. bobbycheatham

    bobbycheatham New Member

    thanks for the feedback you all.

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