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Audio Question

Discussion in 'Studio Techniques' started by DSMUSICLAB, Nov 6, 2011.



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    DSMUSICLAB New Member

    Hi, I've been using a PC with Cubase 4, for years.

    Not only have decided to renew my equipment...but also decided to do a complete 180, and purchased a Macbook Pro 17", 750g, 7200rpm. I also purchased Logic Studio Pro, so good luck to me because I'll have a lot of learning to do.

    Seeing as I needed to change my audio card to an M-Audio card on my PC, will I have to get another audio card for my MacPro? As for the audio output, how do I connect to my amp?

    I will receive my equipment this week, and am eager to plunge into the Mac world. I've been a PC for 25 years, and been wanting to do the switch to Mac for a long time. I'm 74 and finally decided to do it now. Better late than never...I guess!

    Thank you
    Retired producer and musician.
  3. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member


    From what I can tell M-Audio produces cross platform hardware for Mac and PC. But you mentioned a card versus an interface. What specific model do you have?

    If it's a PCI card, it's not gonna work with your MacBook Pro. You'll need a USB or Firewire audio interface. Plenty of choices at all price points.

    When you say amp, do you meaning a power amp for monitors?
    The audio interface will have main stereo outputs that connect to the amp so that you can listen to your music through speakers or headphones.

    Also for learning purposes, I recommend:
    1. Apple Pro Training Series Book : Logic Pro 9 and Logic Express 9 [Paperback] by David Nahmani. You can pick it up at Amazon.

    It's currently on sale for a hot low price!!!
    Highly recommended.

    It's inspiring to see that you're making changes at your age. You gonna have a lot of fun using Logic and your MacBook Pro.

    DSMUSICLAB New Member

    Thank you so much for your help.

    I ordered the Groove 3 book you recommended, and it's downloading as I write.
    I'm very excited about the new Mac & Logic, and I can't wait to get going.

  5. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Hi Dominic,

    I think you're going to be in for a bit of a, hopefully pleasant, surprise. Logic 9 Explained is not a book, it is a series of instructional videos! :D Hopefully you will find them useful and enjoyable. Good luck and have fun!

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