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Logic 9 Audio record latency when using pitch

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by beefheart1, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. beefheart1

    beefheart1 New Member

    Hi. When using pitch (ie: slowing the track down whilst leaving the frequency / key of the track at concert pitch) I get intermittent latency - quite marked, sometimes up to a two second delay - when recording instruments on audio channels: electric guitar / electric bass etc. It doesn't seem to effect the tracking once "record" has been activated but only if I've lingered for a while playing the project over a few times (to learn a part along with the track playing etc). This doesn't occur if following the same process but recording softwear / midi instruments however.

    It has only started occuring in the last six months or so. Not the end of the world (closing the project down and re-opening gets rid of it for a while) as, as I say, the tracking is fine when recording, but a pain in the butt whilst trying to learn or write parts whilst the project is slowed.

    I read somewhere that you can disable the latency setting on Pro 9 to counteract this (which seemed counter intuitive to me but I tried it anyway) this made no difference one way or the other.

    Any solutions?

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