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Logic 9 Audio to midi groove template

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by shreddersinc, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. shreddersinc

    shreddersinc Member

    I am new to this function...but logic's running fine nevertheless until I save and try to open project again, all it says it quantizing (with a progress bar) comes up and Logic is frozen I have to force quit logic 9.

    Any workarounds? Anyone else have this happen?

    I'm on the latest snow leopard version and latest version of logic 9.
    Sorry I'll update my signature later.
  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Just a stab in the dark here - but if you are on the latest Logic 9 update (9.1.6), you need to be running OS 10.6.8 or later. Your sig says you are running OS 10.6.7.
  4. shreddersinc

    shreddersinc Member

    yes i'm on 10.6.8 , I tried to mention this in my post sorry for the confusion
  5. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    A tip from someone at Apple a long time ago, that gets me out of trouble every now and then:
    Open your applications folder, then utilities, and finally open Activity Monitor. Make sure the main window is open, so you can see the list of apps and their current status.

    Look for the listing of Logic Pro... does the CPU amount appear to be moving, and if so, are the numbers actually changing, rather than having 2 numbers go back and forth? If the numbers are changing, leave Activity Monitor open for a minute or 2 before you try and force quit. I find that more often than not, Logic will come back to life, and I can carry on.

    Most people don't seem to wait long enough for the computer to stop thinking, but in this case, Application monitor can actually "catch" your app before it crashes...

    I have had this save a session that wasn't saved often enough about 20 times over the last 5 years or so, and I recommend that my tech clients do the "activity monitor open trick" when we first start to work together.. it has become a real "work saver"...
  6. shreddersinc

    shreddersinc Member

    Did the activity monitor thing and the cpu is staying between 101 and 102.8 I think I've given it plenty of time. I also did a restart right before this. Also I'm Constantly doing permissions repair. Any other thing I should do in this ballpark?
    The "quantize" meter looks full and I think it's full right from the start. Any other Ideas?
    several other people must of had this happen, I did the logic feedback thing.

    I realize not everyone is going to even touch this feature. Sure plenty here at LUG use it all the time right?

  7. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    What size is your audio I/O buffer set to?
  8. shreddersinc

    shreddersinc Member


  9. shreddersinc

    shreddersinc Member

    gonna have to get down and dirty to figure this out. Thought many would of had this happen

    Any Ideas?

  10. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Try Logic in 64 bit mode... open your apps folder, single click on Logic to select it, and then command i to get info. uncheck the 32 bit box.

    I am having a thought that you are actually talking about flex time, or trying to do the audio to midi thing on an entire track, right?

    Try doing it on a single bar. Does it work then?
  11. shreddersinc

    shreddersinc Member

    Yes I am trying to do it to a whole track rather. Maybe I'll try to do a few bars at a time. I played a slowly strummed guitar to click....but because it's complicated nature I would like to have quantized midi although the midi doesn't exist yet.

    I think I could also use beat mapping so I know where to pencil in the software instrument notes...last time I tried beat mapping it was a pain.

    Thanks for the advice, this is a long guitar part that is played slightly free, although I had a click going to keep me in the ballpark.
  12. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    That is the reason... your whole track could be 4 or 5 meg, loaded into ram, then analyzed (or attempted in this case)...

    For sure, doing a whole track at a time, especially if it isn't that close, can bring a Mac to it's knees.

    Did you ever try a few bars at a time?
  13. shreddersinc

    shreddersinc Member

    Thanks george I will try and thats probably what I've been doing wrong.

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