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Logic 9 Auto channel strip settings

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by bzzztraffe, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. bzzztraffe

    bzzztraffe New Member

    How can I disable the annoying occurance of my channel strips randomly changing to presets when I swap or remove audio files in the arrange window?
  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Uh, what are you doing, specifically? This has never happened to anybody I know (and I do tech for a living), I suspect you are using a key command or something...

    BTW Things we ask for when requesting help here:

    Logic version, system, ram, simple little indicators of what you are using.
  4. bzzztraffe

    bzzztraffe New Member

    Running Logic 9 on OS 10.6 (on 2 machines/rigs). Problem happens on both rigs ever since I installed 9.

    Often, after I remove all regions from a track (to replace them with others), the channel strip will reset to a random preset. This doesn't happen every time, but when it does it can be incredibly frustrating....especially if I've tweaked my plugins for a while & then they just get replaced by some stupid "radio voice" or "pop vocal" setting.

    I've found no preference or setting to turn this off.
  5. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    You are replacing them with other loops and stuff from the loop browser, correct?
  6. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    The issue can be caused by a midi Program Change message which can be hidden in the region so it can recall some Channel Strip performance setting(s).
    Try next:
    1. Select all regions and batch delete the Program messages via the Transform - here is a tip LINK where I show the Transform template.
    2. You can move temporarily the performance channel strip presets into a temp folder or something else in the: local disk\Users\user\Library\Application Support\Logic\Channel Strip Settings etc to prevent any channel strip preset program change.

  7. bzzztraffe

    bzzztraffe New Member

    Thanks for the transform advice, but I'll need to do this every time I drag a new region into a track.....not practical. Also, the problem occurs randomly & only after I've cleared regions from a track. This never happened in any version previous to 9.

    I'm not using the loop browser. I'm dragging files in from the audio bin. Once I'm done with them & remove them from the track, I replace them with other new audio files. The random channel strip settings only come up when I delete the audio file I was working with.....and not every time.
  8. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    There's got to be something "meta-data" wise that is making this happen.
    Does it happen if you start a brand new project and import/drop files onto empty tracks?
    I assume this might be annoying, (to start a brand new project instead of the workflow you are speaking of,) but I am trying to ascertain whether there might be something in the files you are dropping that is confusing the Logic Channel Strips.
    If the same thing happens in a new template, then there's got to be some data associated with your audio files...
  9. bzzztraffe

    bzzztraffe New Member

    It happens on every session I do....on both systems...existing sessions & blank new sessions. Again, it never happens when I'm dragging audio files onto a track. It only happens after I remove them. And yes, it's plenty annoying. I've had to start saving new channel presets for every track if I want to keep Logic 9 from trashing any plugins I've set up because it wants to randomly change on me. Once again, if there are any regions still left in the track, it won't happen. It seems like there's some silly automated Apple "improvement" that wants to assign presets to tracks with no regions in them. I seriously need to disable this! I sure hope you can help. Thanks.
  10. bzzztraffe

    bzzztraffe New Member

    I've also noticed that channel strip presets will sometimes pop up on a channel even with regions in the track! If I do a quick bounce of the main LR buss & then edit the bounced file in the sample editor, after I close the sample edit window the channel I bounced from has a new channel strip preset loaded...WHY!!!?? Please...I must make this stop. Any help will be superiorly appreciated.
  11. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    Have you tried the obvious? clearing out your preferences or re-installing Logic from scratch?
    Annoying & cumbersome, I know.
    Something is telling Logic to recall Channel Strip settings. Unless someone here smarter than me has an opinion, I'd say it might be user preference corruption...
  12. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    This is indeed quite the mystery. So, to summarize what we know so far:

    * Tangra's suggestion has ruled out MIDI information in the files that are being dragged in. So, MIDI CC or program change messages resulting in Performance changes are not the culprit.

    * George's suggestion has similarly ruled out the use of Apple Loops with associated plug-ins causing the problems.

    * You've stated that the problem happens after you remove audio files from a track and then bring in new ones from the audio bin.

    How exactly are you removing the old files and how are you bringing in the new ones? Are you using key commands? If so, is it possible they are somehow conflicting with key commands for calling up channel strip settings? I would suggest examine your key commands to see if this is somehow accidentally happening. Check out your key commands pertaining to next/previous channel strip settings, etc.

    Also, in your original post you mention "swapping" audio files? What exactly does this mean? How are you doing this exactly? Again, my hunch is that it may have something to do with key commands you may be using.
  13. bzzztraffe

    bzzztraffe New Member

    Thanks Eli & Charlie. I'm looking forward to getting this solved soon.

    Trashing preferences & reinstalling on 2 systems (studio & laptop mobile) has not solved the problem.

    By "swapping" files, I simply delete the existing regions in a track & then manually drag in new key commands involved.

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