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Logic X Automation: External midi controller "snapshot" for scene change?

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by oortone, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. oortone

    oortone Member

    I found a way to use "snapshot" functionality in an old midi controller (Evolution UC33) to make scene changes for volume and pan but can it be extended för plugin-parameters, like for the Channel EQ?

    With "scene change" I mean a point in the timeline where practically all automation quickly changes. This is useful when making a scene change in film/drama and also when mixing multichannel recordings of live concerts.

    The UC33 (and a lot of other midi controllers, like Dopefer) can send the Midi CC value for all it's current knob positions with a command called "snapshot". This will change all assigned parameters in Logic instantly.

    This works great in Offline mode, but the way Logic's automation works makes it impossible to do in Write mode. To work it would require already having set "dots" for all parameters I want to automate just prior to the scene change. Otherwise, automation earlier on the timeline is destoyed and becomes a mess.

    In Write mode setting dots for current Volume and Pan values (prior to calling snapshot) can be done with the Logic-command "Send all fader values" but I haven't found a way to do this for assigned parameters in plugins.

    Is it possible to make Logic write dots for all current plugin values?
  3. oortone

    oortone Member

    I'm not sure if my question was hard to understand, sorry for unclear language.
    Anyway, I believe I found a way to do this although I haven't put it into "production" yet only made some tests.

    To repeat, the idea is, when playback is running in Automation Write (or Latch), to create dots for all automated parameters at the same time with a single command.

    This suggestion, if it works well, is possible if one has the patience to do manual edits in the advanced Controller Assignments window.The idea is to simulate the "touch" command, normally used by advanced control surfaces.

    By entering the same midi event description into the field "Input message: Touch/Release" on multiple controller assigned parameters it should work. Se picture.

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