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Logic X Automation Point Weirdness

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by VertuStudio, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. VertuStudio

    VertuStudio New Member

    This is strange:

    1,) zoom in on a bar line
    2.) turn snap off
    3.) place an automation point on the bar line with snap off
    4.) turn snap on
    5.) move (snap) the automation point to the next division
    6.) now move it back to the bar line
    5.) check the location; it doesn't snap back to the bar line!

  3. VertuStudio

    VertuStudio New Member

    I'm also having great difficulty getting two automation points attached to a given bar line. It appears that the only way I can do this is via the automation event list.
  4. bayswater

    bayswater Senior member

    You might be seeing the difference between relative and absolute snap. The release notes for V 10.2.3 made some mention of this. IIRC, the update makes absolute snap the default option.
  5. VertuStudio

    VertuStudio New Member

    Hi, thanks for this. Investigating further, there's also this:


    Logic appears to have a **non-zero** 'snap offset' value by default (bizarre). When I changed the value to zero (Preferences > Automation), I could then snap exactly to any region edge boundary. This suits my anal working methods. Problem solved, I guess.

    There's still the matter of stacking two snap points at the same time position. This is a pretty serious issue out there in the forums. ;-) I can do this only via the automation list editor. Apparently, there's a way of doing this using the marquee tool, but I haven't figured that out yet, and anyway, this method looks like a sloppy drag because it appears to generate more points than needed, which then need to be manually deleted. Oddly, I saw a guy do it the normal 'Cubase' way just by dragging the point into position. It's maddening to see guy do it in a youtube video yet I can't replicate it over here... lol, Logic is cool but there are these little crazy snags...

    Again, thanks!

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