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Logic 9 Automation with plug-in instruments

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by kk1000, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. kk1000

    kk1000 New Member

    Hi all,
    I was given Logic Pro 9 (actually, now Studio Pro) to try as a possible replacement for MOTU DP 7.2. The writing's on the wall and our studio can see that Apple has been doing a great job pouring resources into Logic and MOTU - while still powerful and versatile with a broad following, is a smaller company that can't possibly match Apple's level of investment for the future.
    Before we ramped up the learning curve I wondered if anyone has had issues recording automation with 3rd party modules - in particular, Native Instruments Komplete (Reactor, Absynth, FM-8, Massive, Guitar-Rig and Kontakt)? More subtle would be handling the automation using Kore 2 as the master unit to the various modules? All plug-ins would be AU (VST & RTAS also but I think only one of these are supported via a 'wrap').
    Also, many of the modules have separate effect plug-ins as well and has anyone tried working with those in Logic Pro 9 and have they had issues there? finally, has anyone worked with the Wave plug-ins for mixing and mastering?
    Thanks very much for any responses.
    Great forum!
  3. Eddie Sullivan

    Eddie Sullivan Senior member

    I've been using Logic Studio and many of the NI and Waves plug-ins you refer to- they are working as Audio Units at least as well as DP... Kore 2 is a little finicky I noticed- with certain things... but it works...

    And I disagree with your assessment of MOTU- while Apple is a larger company it devotes only a tiny portion of it's resources to Pro Applications, comparatively. MOTU devotes 100% of it's resources to Pro Applications. And it's always done a fantastic job. People who use DP sometimes migrate - thinking 'the grass is greener' somehow...

    *proud Ultralite owner*
    *huge fan of BPM and MX4*
  4. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    Yes, I'd have to agree with Eddie above in that Apple makes computers and sells a whole lotta iPhones & iPads. That's their Bread & Butter.
    Their Pro Apps represent a very small percentage of their actual business so, they don't get as much "attention" as some smaller companies whose very survival relies on that Pro client base.
    That being said, I really like Logic Pro 9. I automate 3rd party instruments & effect plug-ins all the time with no issues other than ones that might be specific to a type of plug. (In other words, issues that might happen in Pro-Tools, DP, Cubase & Logic that have to do with the plug-in parameters or limitations etc.)

    I cannot comment on WAVES or Komplete but you might want to search for an old thread on here where a bunch of us were posting Plug-ins and whether or not they worked well in Logic 9.
    The list shouldn't be too outdated and might give you some better insight to the answers you are looking for.

    Best of Luck! :thmbup:
  5. kk1000

    kk1000 New Member

    Thanks very much for the replies. We recorded with automation on Kore 2 yesterday and Logic performed flawlessly. More than that though was it's ability to accurately label the exact parameter that was moved - piercing through the Kore 2 shell down to the actual plug-in (FM-8 in this case) parameter. That was impressive and something we had trouble getting DP to do. We also liked the ability to separate each automation parameter into it's own lane in a manner that made it very clear exactly what went on with each.
    As to the MOTU v. Apple resources, one of our engineers was told by someone who (claimed he had) recently been hired by the Pro development group who said Apple had been expanding it's budget - particularly in the Logic development area, by over 40%/yr. Now this is exactly the kind of quote I hate because I didn't talk to the person who said this and the information is nearly impossible to verify. But it's not the first time we've heard variations on this theme.
    another consideration has been IMHO the penchant for 3rd party OEM's and software providers to accommodate Logic before DP when designing templates, parameter maps and other items which are increasingly DAW specific. We also brought on a producer who was fluent in both and felt that, while Logic had trailed DP for years in both the depth and breadth of features he felt that the tide had turned the other way and that Logic now seemed to be the more innovative platform.
    Of course, both DAW's are great and it's hard to imagine the circumstances where you'd be at a brick wall because of a serious flaw in one or the other - but we're making the move to Apple.
  6. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    Welcome aboard then!
    I'd love to believe your friend's tale too that Apple is throwing money at Logic but yeah... We'll all believe it when we see it! :rolleyes: LOL
    One thing that stymies me is Apple's own lack-of integration with it's own hardware to say, Logic Pro...
    The iPad as an integrated Logic controller seems a no-brainer PR slice o' pie for Apple to tout and yet they have not created one app for this.
    Yes, I know there are 3rd party iPad apps for controlling Logic and I read a thread right here on the LUG about it, (great thread, btw,)
    But, one would think that Apple would be all over anything to make someone on the fence about switching to Logic more enticed to do so.
    "Look! I can manipulate the Logic mixer or draw automation curves with my iPad! oooooooooooo!" ;)

    I'm not saying I'd use something like this either, but would believe it if Apple developed their own controller app...

    Then again, the fact that they have NOT done this might fall under the banner of Apple not really needing to worry about attracting "more Logic customers," since they are a behemoth selling lots of other things. They may simply not need to bother with things like that.

    May your experience with Logic be fun and creative!
  7. kk1000

    kk1000 New Member

    You're absolutely right, Charlie! The iPad is an incredible platform but I think Apple is already terrified by the iPad cannibalizing it's Mac sales. Every report that comes out on who purchases the iPad shows that it's still dominated by Mac users. One app I just discovered though is Pro Remote. it puts the Mixer and Transport controls at your finger tips and it actually works - although there can be a tiny lag (about the same as a high latency plug-in) because it goes through a server elsewhere. For the mixer, it's amazing. If you need hairy timing with the transport though the lag will definetely be noticeable. If you have decent WiFi you can literally walk around your studio and adjust the mix - hell, you can be down the street and adjust the mix.
    Other than that though, it's definitely slim pickings for just about any DAW. This should get fixed though. Especially since the iPad's most recent iOS (4.2) really stepped up in terms of MIDI support. The list of keyboards that are supported is surprising but if you need the iPad to provide power to the keyboard, then the selection narrows considerably.
    Thanks for the welcome! It's a great forum.
  8. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

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