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AXIOM or MPK for Logic ?

Discussion in 'Studio Techniques' started by SBDconlon, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. SBDconlon

    SBDconlon New Member

    Hi there

    Does anyone know for sure what is the best of the above controller keyboards for quick, practical and optimum creative manipulation of logic and its instruments?

    From what I am reading the Mark 2 axiom is more ready for logic 9 than the one before? (is there a mark 3 on the way? )
    Do i still need to download from M Audio to get the knobs to match the filters etc? And I have seen brief murmurings that Akai's MPK is not as good with Logic?

    What one is best please ( or any other that I have missed ?) so I can just crack on and create as I am not one for getting too bogged down in programming or do too much fiddling.

    I am looking at the 25 key range for portability.

    any wise advice is much appreciated.


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