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Bass Amp Plug-ins?

Discussion in 'Music Creation' started by mk3, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

    Any recommendations on good bass amplifier plug-ins which go beyond the basic (sorry) one included with Logic?

  3. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    Good question. Processing low frequencies digitally is difficult. Maybe this is the cause why we don't see many bass plugins? But once the signal is recorded in good quality you can use almost every effect on it, guitar plugins included.

    I personally have solved my problems with the bass sound itself but I am afraid I'll get disqualified with this answer: Sansamp RBI

  4. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

  5. Orren Merton

    Orren Merton Logic Samurai / Administrator Staff Member

    I think the IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX plug-in is a really good one:


    EDIT: just saw you already found it. :) Yeah, it's really good, definitely sounds like an amplified bass, and has lots of good effects. Like you noted though, it's not cheap.

  6. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

  7. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    I'll put another vote in for Ampeg SVX. I don't use it often, but when I do - it always sounds great.
  8. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

  9. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

  10. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

  11. Jay Asher

    Jay Asher Senior member

    Ampeg SVX is amazingly good sounding.
  12. m@t

    m@t New Member

    I'm a big fan of Izotope Trash. The speaker models are great, and there is a lot of flexibility with their preamps, filters and multi-band dynamics. I use it on bass, drums, guitars, pretty much anything... And the price is quite reasonable.

  13. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

    I'll check that out...A colleague just recommended that one to me also. I always like Izotope's (Free!) Vinyl plug-in.

  14. acehole7

    acehole7 New Member

    I've always had excellent results with and will always stand by Line 6. The new Pod farm plug-in is awesome (mostly guitar, stock 5 bass amps and 5 cabs, upgradable to 28 amps and 22 cabs) Only problem is you need one of their interfaces plugged in to use as a dongle. The UX2 which I use is awesome but If you already have an audio interface that you love to use then it could be a pain to get another one just to use the plug-in.
  15. ShockerNewMedia

    ShockerNewMedia New Member

    I've recently finished an extensive project that involved a bass amp that unexpectedly quit on us during the last few songs of an album. The amp was an older SVT series with an 8x10 cab that was made in the early 80s. I recorded using an AKG D-112 going through a Vintech x73 and a UA 1176 reissue into an Apogee. Also the signal was D.I into another x73 using a 1176SE plugin by UA. We used IK Multimedia's Ampeg SVX plugin with great results. The Ampeg emulations sound so close to the original, that we decided to mute the tracks that were recorded from the cab and use the plugin exclusively. Not to mention that we could record at all hours of the night without even disturbing the neighbors! Awesome plugin, I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to reproduce an expensive bass rig. I've found that using N.I Guitar Rig's small selection of bass guitar amp settings very little to be desired. Ampeg SVX is a very robust plugin that I believe is very underrated and should be given more praise. I hope this helps! Best of luck and happy tracking!
  16. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

    Thank you for the comments about the Ampeg. That one sounds impressive, although it's quite expensive for a plug-in.

    I didn't quite understand your comment about Guitar Rig - can you elaborate?

  17. ShockerNewMedia

    ShockerNewMedia New Member

    In regard to Native Instruments' Guitar Rig, I found that a good portion of the guitar amp models, including the bass amp models, are not as convincing as Ampeg SVX. Specifically, I found that my biggest dissapointment was in the e.q and gain algorithms within the plugin. My biggest gripe was the lack of punch in the mix. Which in short, led me to have to add that missing element with a logic plugin ( Thank God for Logic!).
  18. alienimplant

    alienimplant Senior member

    Ampeg SVX has my vote as well. I use it constantly, even on synth basses. Very rarely do I not use it. It's worth every penny. My favorite sampled guitar bass is Orange Tree's CoreBass Cherry (Kontakt 2 or 3 sample set) through Ampeg SVX. Best thing I've found until the replacement for Trilogy comes out eventually. I guarantee you I'll still be running it through Ampeg SVX though! ;)
  19. ShockerNewMedia

    ShockerNewMedia New Member

    Im a user of N.I software also and never thought of running it through The Ampeg plugin. That's a great idea! Thanks for the advise!
  20. alienimplant

    alienimplant Senior member

    Welcome! It can add IMMENSE bottom and depth. I much prefer it to the synths being marketed as the end-all-be-all bass solution. They aren't. This is. Haha.
  21. crazzycat

    crazzycat New Member

    i agree with you also use Amreg SVX to get the best sound

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