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Logic 7 & earlier Batch Importing... Help.

Discussion in 'Logic 7 and older Versions' started by charlie, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    Hi, I have a semi-basic question that I need help with.
    Firstly I use Logic Pro 7.2.3 on a PowerBook G4 1.67Ghz, 2 Gigs RAM, OSX.4.11

    What is the workflow for "conforming a timeline?" My terminology comes from my years as an Avid editor (and Linear Editor before that. Forgive me!;))

    Here's what I'm trying to do:
    I usually do my projects in stages. Stage 1 is obviously the "creation stage" where I use software synths and ultrabeat/battery to make sounds and rhythm sections and get the basic arrangement done.
    Then I start a new Template where I bounce out audio files of say the Bass Line, drum, synth, vocal elements etc... to create a (mostly) audio track project to edit/add-to/re-arrange etc.

    But what if I wish to replace say, the bass-line audio track (for example, because perhaps I want to change the synth plug making the bass sound.) And say I have already edited the audio track a bit (in stage 2,) making the rendered bass line track a few bars longer than what I originally played...
    To my logic (pun intended,) I should be able to bounce-out the "new" bass line keeping the original name to the original location as before.
    Then, when I would open the Stage-2 Audio-Track project, shouldn't Logic "refresh" and re-import the new file (because the media is updated but the file name & location have not changed?)

    Simply, is there a dialog that does this? I have double-clicked on the actual audio-file in the Arrange window and seen the option "refresh" in the Audio Window's pull-down menu but nothing seems to happen when I select it...
    Usually I end up just re-importing the audio track & editing it (again) which is needlessly annoying.:errr:
    Is there an easier more reliable way to achieve this?

    Sorry for the long post, thanks in advance.

  3. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    ...Anybody? : )
  4. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    I'll try to re-word this thread so that somebody might bite...

    I am in a project where I create a synth-plug track. I make a bassline for example. After I think I like it, I render (bounce) it as a WAV file. I close the synth-plug project.
    I then import that audio file into another project. (We'll call the new project; "audio-track project.")
    After a while, I decide that I don't like this audio file anymore. (maybe the sound is off or the notes played, etc...)
    I go back to the "synth-plug project" & alter the sound (or notes played) of the synth-plug track. I then re-bounce this track as audio, keeping the same name & location (thus replacing the original audio file.)
    When I open the "audio only" project, shouldn't Logic Pro see that media data has changed and refresh the "same-named" audio track file? -Thus batch-importing the new & improved media info?
    Is there a Batch import/update feature I am not aware of?

    Thanks. Sorry for the rambling posts... : )

  5. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    There is a feature in one of the audio bin's local menus to "update file information". This will do what you are looking for. I haven't tried it on multiple files at once, but it should work.

    But the larger question remains: why are you working like this? It seems so cumbersome. Why not just do it all in one session. And only render software instruments to audio at the end - if even at all! That way you can freely make any changes you want as your project develops. That's the essence of the beauty of working in a DAW environment. At least, IMHO.
  6. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    Eli, thanks for the tip.
    And I couldn't agree more, this workflow gets cumbersome pretty quick.
    My issues stem from the fact that I'm working with a G4 1.67Ghz/ 2 Gig RAM PowerBook.
    The poor thing chokes when you've got Ultra-Beat cooking with separate drum channels (all with plugs of course) and then trying to sum them all with say, a Bus Compressor and a decent reverb... I swear you can see smoke pouring outta the thing! ; )
    My music is 99.9% software created/mangled/processed.
    Even freezing every track is sometimes not enough to free up resources for the powerbook to operate. (Then my external hard drives are spinning out of control!)
    I had gotten advice from a remixer to consider working this way.

    I agree with you though, it is limiting because there's so much to keep track of.
    I was going to purchase a new Mac a few months ago, but then the economy crashed and people started losing jobs and well, I guess my little ol' powerbook still has some life in 'er...

    Thanks again though, I'll be looking into this feature.


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