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BCF 2000 no05 error after power failure

Discussion in 'Studio Techniques' started by lexicon 101, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. lexicon 101

    lexicon 101 New Member

    Hey guys and girls hope all are well, sorry if I am in the worn place been such a while since I have posted..

    Basically my BCF2000 which is use on my imac intel with logic 9 Pro, is showing the no05 error now, and I cannot for the life of me get the sysex librarian to update it , now using wine and the standard firmware update utility..

    I cant even seem to switch the damn bcf into any mode other than the LED showing no05 , I am right in the middle of a big project as well..

    So I am wondering if anyone can help me out , I need to resolve this asap, else I think I will go mental....

    Oh one other thing , when id'ing your usb ports what is the easiest way to know which one he bcf is plugged into , by looking at the back of the monitor , just I ask due to being able to select the different ports is the sysex librarian ..

    Any help or clarification I can give to further assist those more knowledgable than I , please just ask.

    ciao for now
  3. lexicon 101

    lexicon 101 New Member

    a quick update after some traffic with behringer I do understand midi interface is the only way to do this, however the only midi in / out / thru I have other than on the bcf2000 is on the remotesl 25 , does anyone know how I could set this up to act as a midi interface, todo the update..

    please I would appreciate anyones help.. Or is it simply time to by a midi 2*2 , and oh yes, if I do is it ok for that to connect into my imac intel via usb (the midi interface that is)

    sorry for the questions and I appreciate anyones help..


  4. lexicon 101

    lexicon 101 New Member

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