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Before I kill everyone around me

Discussion in 'The LUG Lounge' started by Dave Reed, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Dave Reed

    Dave Reed New Member

    there must be a way to delete this thread....
  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Dude, relax.... it's going to be OK!
  4. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to the LUG, Dave.

    Now, what seems to be the problem?

    kind regards

  5. Dave Reed

    Dave Reed New Member

    Some crap that wasn't working the way it should. And yes, I mean the way it should. Specifically I was in the Piano Editor for one region and copied some notes to paste into another region. The playhead was in the right place, the Piano Editor was open to the right destination region and selected so it's highlighted and pressing CmdV pastes another region. Why, in God's name, does every other Apple program paste with CmdV but in Logic you have to do Cmd-Shift V for 'paste in place'.

    I found the specific answer I needed at the time, but my frustration was/is evident I think.

    I'm getting over the cursing phase of learning this thing. STill, the manual is somewhat helpful and the online vids are helpful, but there are many things that are difficult to figure.

    This forum is great except for one thing - there's too much here. It takes forever to search out an answer in the hundreds of thousands of threads! It's great and bad at the same time.

    Thanks for the replies. I'm only a month into this and I'm trying to implement things more quickly than I'm able. I expect things to be logical and they're not, and I expect things to be intuitive and they're not. My problem I guess. I just need to learn to play the beast more....

    Best Wishes & thanks

  6. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Sounds like you had the Arrange Window as the "active" window (the highlighted one, with the halo around the border). Even though the Piano Roll may have been open, you need to make sure it is "on top" by clicking in it to make it the active window. Or by cycling through the open windows with the Tab key.

    Command Shift V is for "paste replace". You didn't mention that you were replacing notes in the Piano Roll, just that you wanted to paste them in.

    "Paste replace" is not the same as "paste at original position". If you have the playhead at the desired location, the proper content in your clipboard, the proper window active, and use Command V, you should be fine.
  7. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    I would take a few minutes to ponder the "window focus" thing Logic has, the most asinine aspect of the program ever. It used to be that if you selected an event in a window, that the window focus would "connect" to that window. Not so any more. Now you have to make damn sure you tab to the correct window or blammo, you just pasted into the wrong place.

    Yep, LOVE Logic, 20 years now, makes me wanna toss my computer through the window, or my laptop over a bridge.

    That said, it is also the best app I know for making music. It has way more power for plug-ins than Protools ever did (do a test, take the same 10 plug-ins with the exact same sounds from Logic, see if you can play back 5 in Protools, betcha can't). I do wish it were Protools like in a few ways, but for raw "I gotta make music" it beats all others (mind you, Cubase gets close, DP is another world altogether).

    Hope you stay around, and I know the gang can usually help, without having to resort to self death ;-)
  8. Dave Reed

    Dave Reed New Member

    Thanks for the replies

    Thanks both of you. Eli, that's the first thing I thought of and I did it 4 times. I made SURE the Piano Editor was 'active'. I had added notes to a region and wanted to add them to its 'twin'. After 4 times of it adding a region regardless of which area was active, that's when I tried 'paste in Place' and it worked.

    Another oddity I ran into was when I 'OptionDrag' copied a region and it made about 8 copies of it pasted end-to-end - all in one region. Each 'copy' was dimmed, yet I had to cut them apart from the non-dimmed one before I could delete them. I then 'OptionDrag' copied other regions with no problem only to return to the problematic one and it did it again.

    There are definitely a few bugs floating around.
  9. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Were you by any chance working with an alias?

    Is it possible you inadvertently had that region loop enabled in the region parameter box?
  10. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    You might also wanna reset your key commands to the defaults, sounds like they might not be the correct ones or the correct settings, since one can completely reprogram them.

    And yes, I have seen them screwed up on install, not even the new users fault.
  11. Dave Reed

    Dave Reed New Member

    Good points

    Eli, that is a definite possibility. I'll try some experiments.

    I'l try the resetting key commands since I only have a couple in there...

  12. daveyboy

    daveyboy Senior member

    I absolutely hated Logic for the first few years I owned it and remained a die hard DP fan. When L8 came out I decided to buckle down, with the help of Eli and Doug from groove3.com, and learn it "for real." Within a month I was confident enough to use it with my client's projects. It's now been a good 4 years and I'm still enjoying using it and continue to learn how to use it better. I do feel it infinitely better to make music with as George said and, even though its just a tool, find it just works better than my other daws.

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  13. mt100uk

    mt100uk Senior member

    Ahh nostalgia, I'm thinking back to the ring binder logic 4 manual with random addendum pages that didn't appear in the index (and those index pages, I remember them well) still got it somewhere, when I was teaching I'd always make a point of bringing it in to show the students how easy life was with a searchable online manual!
  14. Dave Reed

    Dave Reed New Member

    I'm sure I'll be getting more of it working in the next couple months. I just "finished" my first piece and am learning this pretty quickly. I used Cubase for several years and this is more powerful than that. It's just I have to learn how it does the things it does. *scratches head, reads manual*. Like today's lunch special is to try to learn to manipulate the volume of MIDI single notes in a region. Like to swell the middle note of a chord. I already assigned the notes to individual MIDI channels, os now I need to get Hyperdraw to afflict a channel.

    After that I want to get a controller (something anyway) to affect the stereo spread. Therefore, for instance, I can have the pan spread wider depending on velocity or something (aftertouch?).

    Yesterday I learned how to work with alias regions. So it goes.

    I like this forum! You guys are very helpful thus far, and friendly!
  15. Dave Reed

    Dave Reed New Member

    And here I'm ready to get a machete and go to Cupertino. Why should it be so difficult to do such a simple thing.

    I created a new session so it would be just this one !@#$ thing. I picked a string sound and played in a simple CMajor triad. I went to the Event Editor and set them all to begin at 1,0,0,0, and for C on MIDI channel 1, D for MIDI channel 2 and E for MIDI channel 3.

    The object of this exercise is to get one of the 3 to change volume independently of the other 2.

    So I go to the Hyper Editor and pull down the little arrow thingy and and go the Channel>3 and select it. Then I pull it down again and select "Volume". and then I click in some values and everything seems nicey-nice. Then when I play the MF the volume of all 3 notes goes up and down just like it should, except I only want one of them to do it and not all 3. Now I've spent 2 hours on this little project trying every combination of settings and buttons I can come up with. Changing values in the Inspector changes nothing. Saving and trying again, nothing.

    So, how dies this piece of **** do this?

    The manual says: "To set the MIDI Channel
    Choose a channel number from the View > Hyper Draw > Channel submenu.
    The chosen channel number is also displayed alongside the event type."

    Yep. Did that, but it still controls all three notes.

    Any ideas?
  16. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    What MIDI channel is the actual instrument channel strip set to? If you are using a software instrument, it is most likely se to "all". Try setting it to match the channel of the note you want the volume to affect. You set this in the Instrument parameters (might be called Channel Strip parameters in the manual). It is, among other places, available in the middle section of the Inspector on the left of the Arrange Window.

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  17. Dave Reed

    Dave Reed New Member

    Yes, I tried that and yes it is a softsynth (one that came w/ LP. That is among the many combinations I tried. However, since all 3 notes are in one region and therefore on one track, setting the track Channel # in the Inspector doesn't seem like the right place anyway. Obviously I could do this by splitting the part into 3 tracks and just using the usual automation per track, but this is a technique I'll want to use in many settings and not just for volume. I need to try more instruments because it's possible this one isn't built to respond to individual channels in this way. Perhaps I can change the setting in the synth itself, maybe not though. 2 hours shot yesterday before disgust set in. If I can't get it today with a couple tutorials and more button pressing, then I'll start it's own thread.

    My day job (such as it is BTW) is graphic design so I'm very accustomed to trying different settings and stuff to achieve my goals. I also have well over 20 years music and audio experience with an emphasis on A/V installations, so messing with settings isn't something I shy away from. It's often like an Easter egg hunt... I know there's an egg around here somewhere.

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