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Bench marking all MAC PRO ; contribution needed Reply

Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by cyril, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. cyril

    cyril Member


    You have an old Macpro, you are wondering

    is the more recent MAC PRO are faster, and how faster , does it worth changing my MAC PRO, what I am going to gain

    Is my Macpro 3 ghz slower that the new 2.4 ghz ?

    I have start to make a page for this, it is at :

    You will se the result of my Macpro 3ghz

    If you want to participate :

    Get Xbench at (it's free)

    install it

    Run it and select only :




    do a copy and paste of the results and send it to me 5there is a link at the bottom of my web page or paste it in this tread

    Can you also specify the generation of MACpro and what speed is the ram (to find out this you fo in the Apple/about this MAC/ and you copy the line :


    Processor and Memory

    Thanks in advance of your contribution



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