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Biggest lesson learnt today

Discussion in 'Music Creation' started by Excluded, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. Excluded

    Excluded Member

    I learnt the biggest lesson ever in music today.
    If you want to work out the best spot to sing a song & then work out chords to suit your voice get the highest note of your melody of the whole song. Most likely it will be in chorus or bridge.
    If it's too high for your voice find where you can belt it & write that note down.
    Find each melody from that note for each section of the song like verse chorus bridge melody notes.
    Then find chords for each section that suit each section.
    Because it's not about chords it's about finding the melody nail that then write chords.
    We used to write chords then try & drop it or lower the tuning but the melody notes will give you what scale your singing each section in. Then you can have even better chords.
    Not typical root notes like Timmy would do.

    Try it with a cover & watch your singing improve

    Too many times I've strained on certain notes & then tried to change the chords but nail the melody first

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