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Bounce in Place

Discussion in 'Logic Wishlist' started by mk3, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

    Let's finally have a proper "Bounce in Place" command in Logic.

    We have multiple options for bouncing audio now: Freeze, Export, Bounce, and even the old-school manual approach of routing (via bus) a track or submix (via Aux) to another audio track to record.

    In my ideal Scenario, "Bounce in Place" would do the following:

    - bounce the selected audio or audio instrument track(s) or submix to disk
    - options of what to include in the bounce (plug-ins, pan, volume, etc)
    - create a new audio track with the same outputs (and instantiated same plug-ins, if so desired)
    - import the bounced audio into the new track at the correct time position
    - mute the source track(s) and disable plug-ins (if so desired)

    Unlike Freezing a track, the result would be a normal editable audio track.

    As this command essentially automates functions which are all available manually in Logic, I would imagine it should not be so difficult to implement.
  3. Orren Merton

    Orren Merton Logic Samurai / Administrator Staff Member

    I agree, that would be great!

  4. tigerman

    tigerman Senior member

    like cubase does essentially
  5. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

    As further evidence that all functions of "Bounce in Place" are already present in Logic in fragmented form, one can summarize the Bounce in Place as follows:

    - Bounce
    - New Track (choose appropriate Audio track)
    - (Audio Bin) Audio File: Add to Arrange
    - (Arrange Window) Audio: Move Region to Original Record Position

    The idea of the "Bounce in Place" command (or perhaps it should be called "Render" or something of the sort) would be to perform all those steps with a single command.

    Perhaps one could even select a group of tracks to Bounce in Place, with an option to either Bounce them all mixed together, or sequentially as separate audio tracks. If sequential, one could go have a coffee and scone while Logic steps through each selected track, bounces, creates audio tracks, imports, mutes the originals, and organizes the mess into coherence (with either all resulting tracks grouped together, or each one just below its source track).

  6. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

    Right...In Cubase it's called Export or Mixdown, and gives the option to import the audio back into the project onto audio track(s). Also has the option to split out the mixdown by channels.

  7. Rumbler

    Rumbler New Member

    that s on my list sice i switcht from cubase to logic.
    never understood why this is not possible, while there is the useless "export to itunes" function.
    Well, once in 100 bounces it comes in handy.:)
    I like the idea of muting the source track and disable plug-ins.
  8. Orren Merton

    Orren Merton Logic Samurai / Administrator Staff Member

  9. Rumbler

    Rumbler New Member

  10. Seriously, in addition to "bounce in place", the best thing would be to have things "clip-based" as in, say, Samplitude (which is really incredible in that area). If I recall correctly from a more or less private little demonstration happening a while ago, apart from being able to apply FX in your mixer (which is perfectly possible as well, of course), they can also be applied directly to a "clip". And they will run in realtime, just as plain mixing FX. Just that you can freeze them in, too, in that case they don't tax your CPU anymore - and it's still a reversible process on a per clip base. In addition, even if you freeze a clip, you can still cut, copy and move them. In case overlapping notes will get in your way, all you need to do is to un-freeze the clip temporarily at its new position and then re-freeze it.
    As far as I remember, this works evenly well for both audio and virtual instrument clips.
    Needless to say that I had to pick my jaws back up from the floor after that demonstration.
    Seriously, I couldn't imagine any better solution.

    In addition to this being almost identical with bounce in place, imagine the (quite common) scenario of applying, say, some delay only to one word or so. In Logic, you either have to duplicate the track, then put the delay on that track, then cut out the region and place it on that duplicated track, or you'll have to deal with automation. Both isn't exactly ideal. In Samplitude, you select your clip, put a delay only on that clip and be done. The same procedure obviously also applies to FX like Autotune and so on.

    For the time being, I'm often using the "export region to audio" function in Logic, but it obviously requires more work and sometimes quite a bit of thought, should you want to alter the source material later on (aka "which exactly were the plugins I used?" and the likes).

    - Sascha
  11. Rumbler

    Rumbler New Member

    well! that would be great!!
    But applying fx to your selection in a clip is possible in away. not directly in logic, but in soundtrack pro. If you choose soundtrack as external editor, you can use all those clip based functions. Only, when you send them back to logic you loose the undoo options.
    anyway, soundtrack is a cool program, worth checking out.The audio editer is much better then the one in logic. You can even edit the audiospectrum, wich is awsom.
    i hope in future apple will make those functions accessable directly in logic.:D
  12. As this is the Logic wishes thread, I'd rather not post my thoughts about STP...

    - Sascha
  13. Rumbler

    Rumbler New Member

    Ok, it seams i have to point out a bit clearer what i mean.
    It was actually a feature wish. I hope apple implements the STP audioeditor directly in logic. I think that should be possible.
    As you seam to love those features in Samplitude so much, don’t like to chop up your regions, STP is part of the logic bundle and integrates quite nicely into logics workflow, i taught you would like to know that a lot of those features are already available, even if not so directly integrated. Per example, adding a delay to one word in a region, ore what ever Fx you like.
    If I was wrong, sorry.
  14. See, a) in Samplitude all that stuff can also be applied to virtual instruments. Impossible with STP, unless you do some bouncing action before. B) What if you want to change your tempo? A tempo synced delay in Samplitude will just follow your changes whereas a destructively applied delay won't.
    And really, there's a LOT of reasons why such things should be implemented straight in a sequencer. It's not just for fun that quite some other sequencers already do some things (whereas Logic still doesn't).


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