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Logic 8 Bounced sounds kill audio!

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by tglmoa, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. tglmoa

    tglmoa New Member

    Hello all
    I have been using Logic 8 for a short time and have come across problems I've usually been able to figure out but the latest issue to crop up is beyond my patience. I have been bouncing a sequenced midi riff using various synth plugins to audio and then incorporating those audio files into a previously created audio mix. Once these files are added, the sound for the entire mix disappears! Everything worked fine before these new files were added. The level meters show there is sound but I cannot hear it. If I don't save the mix file and then reopen it as it was before the bounced files were added it works fine. If I open the bounced files in every sound program on the planet (audacty, itunes, ect.)they play but in Logic they kill all the audio. What the hell is that.
    Absolutely Baffled.:brkwl:
  3. Serpentsea

    Serpentsea New Member

    I am not an expert on the gritty details of Logic, but I do use it regularly. Is it possible that something is not connected in the environment? Do the bit rates and frequencies match?
    When I am very stumped I sometimes start a new song, and import the pieces fresh. Rebuilding it will sometimes fix a pproblem that might take forever to figure out. If you are really fresh to logic check out, the are the best logic trainers I have used. And while you are there, have a look at the overview video of Logic X, it fixed a great deal of issues by a marked improvement in the overall layout of the program.
  4. tglmoa

    tglmoa New Member

    Re:Bounced sounds kill audio

    OK. I can see that my frustrated rant was not very clear. Let me try again.

    I should not have said "previously created audio mix". I put together a rhythmic sequence made up of a series of extremely FX'd audio files recorded as ".aif ".
    Then I mixed the above series of files to a single ".aif" file.
    Next I opened a plugin instrument track below the above audio tracks and created a midi sequence as a rhythmic counter point to the above mixed down audio file. I tried out a bunch of plugin synths and found several sounds that I liked. I bounced those sounds from the midi file to an ".aif " audio file. I was going to experiment with layers of different synth sounds but as soon as I created a new audio track below the tracks above and imported one of these midi to audio files into it….no sound. Not only the imported sound but the audio file in the first track that worked a second before I imported the bounced file in. And yet the level meters are jumping for all tracks showing me there is a signal. No mutes on. No solo on.
    I can open these midi to audio ".aif" files in other audio programs.
    I used to bounce plugin synthesizer midi files to audio all the time in Cubase but for the life of me I cannot figure out what is happening in Logic. I can't even create a new Logic project and bring these files in with any sound.
    Don't know if this makes things any more clear but hopefully.
  5. Serpentsea

    Serpentsea New Member


    well from the sounds of it it must be in your output section. If the mixer shows sound on all the tracks, and they open and play in other progs., then it must be logic's output. I used logic 7 for years, and every once in a while I would lose sound and have to track down the gremlin. I was using an apogee duet, and sometimes it would just fart out and I would have to go into the setup and re set it to the outputs. Logic 9 seemed less of a problem with these issues. I have read that it can be an issue with the environment as well. Does logic make sound if you start up a new song and record a test track?
  6. tglmoa

    tglmoa New Member

    Crazy behavior

    If I create a new audio project I can bring in audio files from previous and different projects and they'll play. I can bring in audio files created in other programs and they will play. I can bring in bounced midi to audio files from other DAWs and again they will play. But if I bounce midi to audio in Logic and add them to a project ….no sound.
    I took one of these bounced sounds I made in Logic and opened it in Audacity, renamed it and then brought it back into Logic and whaddaya know… it played! Added other audio files and everything worked like it should.
    Once again…What the hell is that!

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