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Logic 9 BPM settings

Discussion in 'Music Creation' started by 4-south, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. 4-south

    4-south New Member

    how do i know what BPM to set the project up to but when i put some beats, notes or tunes in it all the BPM is different. how do you go about setting it why set it that way and for what reasons. new fish here so be gentle
  3. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    If it is your music, you alone decide the tempo. It's a matter of feeling and for many people a matter of the music style. For me, ideally the vibe of the song makes the tempo. But I don't care about styles.

    No rule, honestly. For my pieces I find that some work well as ballads (almost without a fixed tempo) and also for rhythmic arrangements. Some have a "natural" tempo which depends on how I composed, the used instruments and playing techniques.

    If you are uncertain and like to try esoteric rules,
    here is a list of the "perfect tempi for groove and feel":
    :rolleyes: Don't take it too serious, but they are worth to try. As I got this list I compared it to my work and found out that I played mostly in 90, 100, 109, 134 and 140 BPM. A guitarist I recorded did not like 80 BPM, he always changed it to 82 BPM. We called him "the walking metronome".

    A famous Jazz musician (I forgot the name) once said, "Before I start playing on stage, I always try to feel the heartbeat and breath of the audience. This helps me choosing the first piece and it's tempo."
  4. 4-south

    4-south New Member

    i know what i am about to say is a newbie way of thinking. i am working Logic Pro 9 and if i put the hook in first or the beat in then have logic tell me what that BPM is and change the project to go with the hook or beats BPM. thanks for your early reply.
  5. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    For prefabricated music:
    Set Logic's tempo according to the lenght of a region. The manual describes the process.
    Try the plugin "BPM Counter", you find it in Logic's plugin list under "Metering".
    Use "Beatmapping". You need the Logic manual to understand the various functions.
    Trial & Error, by changing the tempo while looking at the bars and hearing the playback and the click. Not recommended but can work. The longer your region is, the better.

    For your own music:
    Do the same as above
    set the tempo you like and play along Logic's click (this is the usual approach).



    You can use a smartphone metronome app to tap the tempo while you hear the playback. Then set Logic's tempo to the displayed tempo of the app. Afterwards you may need some finetuning or beatmapping.

    Logic has also a tap function but it does not work very good and is not built for what you want.
  6. 4-south

    4-south New Member

    thanks so much!

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