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bring back ability of Logic to lock to an external MIDI clock

Discussion in 'Logic Wishlist' started by alienimplant, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. alienimplant

    alienimplant Senior member

    This used to be standard in Logic. It was dropped some time ago. Why? What was the point in crippling this excellent capability? You can lock an external clock to Logic still, but you can no longer lock Logic's midi clock to an external clock.

    Apple seems oblivious to the needs of musicians who use external MIDI gear.

    No sync to external MIDI clock.

    No access to external MIDI patch names (which is why you have to hand-build environments with the bank and patch names or use the last [beta if you are on Intel CPU] incarnation of SoundDiver [hang on to our Logic 7 keys everybody!]).

    Virtual MIDI instrument can't save bank or program numbers.​

    It just gets worse with time.
  3. Per Boysen

    Per Boysen Senior member

    I too was using Logic as the MIDI Clock Sync Slave back in version 7.x. When Logic 8 was released this was not an option any longer so I'm now using MainSTage instead at my concerts. Actually that is better for me. However, the reason given for taking out the MIDI Clock Sync Slave option was that it is not a good synchronization protocol. That's tru - it isn't! I only used Logic's effects though, so for my needs MIDI Clock was fine on stage - but as I said, MainStage works better now for me.

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