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Logic 9 Can Half bar regions keep the EXS settings?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by David51, May 22, 2012.

  1. David51

    David51 Senior member

    Sorry for double posting but I am getting nowhere in the Apple forum-nice people but no useful suggestions. SO, I have a violin part that is in 4/4 and in several places it has half bar arco and the other half Pizzicato, I made individual regions for them but when I play the track back all regions use the EXS setting from the first region,the assignments to use Pizzicato violins change to arco like magic. I wasted a lot of time changing the settings back but still the choice is made by the EXS and it is not what I need. This may be an old feature of the EXS-you have made a mistake and assigned a different instr. to this region! The mistake has been rectified for you automatically. But that window never shows up,so do any of you know about this EXS trick? I am still in 9.1.5 and 10.5.8. Thanks in advance.
  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Well the thing that changes articulations in Logic is the mod wheel.

    If you had used it to change them in the past, and had removed the Mod wheel data while editing, that would sure answer the question why are the sounds changing IF that is what you are trying to ask. You description is a bit vague...
  4. David51

    David51 Senior member

    George, Thanks for the help, sorry if my wording is off. I didn't use the Mod wheel, I will likely never since it cannot be touched when I have both hands on the Akai EWI breath controller to play the solo part. I was just mouse inputting, and choosing from the EXS drop down list either violins legato or violins Pizzicato, but the small regions don't keep that assignment, I may just go back to adding a whole track under the violin track just for the Pizz half bars. Your help was still very much appreciated. Do you know what CC's the string arco and Pizz. use? I might try MIDI Chase but have never used it. Heck I may even try the Mod wheel approach since the strings are the accompaniment to a wind solo.
  5. David51

    David51 Senior member

    Update-George, no need to add further info, I was too quick to dismiss the Apple forum, CCT explained how to use the event list to do this, thanks again for your help.
  6. David51

    David51 Senior member

    Well, that went badly. Why would the Event list not work when changing articulations with JamPack 4? The Mod wheel works to change artics, but no combination of CC num and Mod Value effects the region that is being displayed in the event list. i am aware of the re mapping that happens when an instr. is called up from that JamPack and the Mod wheel does go through the entire 0-127of articulations in real time but I can't get the Event List to accept any Mod changes. Not with CC1 or 4 or 11. Bummer. Corrupt file?
  7. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    I'm not exactly clear where your problem lies but maybe this will help.
    Instead of trying to use the Event list, try using a Piano Roll window with Hyperdraw enabled.
    In the Matrix window, go to the local View menu, then Hyperdraw, then select Modulation or whatever you choose. (If you choose Other.. you get a list of all possibilities).
    A new section opens up below the piano roll. You can draw your CC data here. This display also shows you very clearly where the modwheel (or whatever) is at any given moment.

    I always use special screensets that are configured with a small Arrange window, a small Score window and the Piano Roll/Hyperdraw setup described above.

    Let us know if this helps....
  8. David51

    David51 Senior member

    Colin! Hi, thanks for the reply, I still am practicing the piece for which you cleverly and kindly played in the passage of 16th note triplets and posted the event list, it still works perfectly, of course.
    I have opened the Hyper draw window but had to choose autodefine to get any response. I see there are orange lines under each note in the matrix, and the Manual says I should be able to record hyper draw events. When I turn on Record[as it says in Manual] all the notes disappear as well as the orange line. Are articulations a controller or program? Both are offered as choices. I have read the bit in the Manual but it doesn't give enough info on what should happen or how to make it happen. As I said the notes and orange line are gone when in pause/record mode which is required according to the Manual. What did you assume would happen? By doing what? I moved the Mod wheel back and forth but nothing changed once I got the notes back and the orange line. I had chosen Modulation since its the Mod wheel I wanted to automate.
    I just went back and this time when I chose Modulation there was a green line marked 127-which is where I had moved it too, but how to apply that 127[if it works to change the CC to Pizz] to just the few half bars that need it?
    It works!! without being in record mode, I adjusted the 127 using the draw a rectangle and got nodes either side of the two Pizz notes and created more nodes to be able to leave 127 there and lower the value down to 6 for legato and when I payed the track it did the Pizz you said it would-thanks so much for this very good help. I had never used this part of Logic until now and I see how powerful this can be for fine tuning the playback of MIDI staffs before committing to an audio bounce. Do you find this method good for individual tracks as opposed to the track automation? That would mean I should wait until I have these things sorted out first and then use track automation for tempo?
  9. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    Hi David,

    Good to hear you got it working.
    Yes - you need to draw in the info in the Hyperdraw area if you already have note data in the region. If you make a new recording with notes AND other data (eg pitch bend, mod wheel etc), then the Hyperdraw area should display this data. You may need to use autodefine to make it appear.

    I use this method for very precise work, when I need to make very fine adjustments time-wise. With Hyperdraw in Piano roll, you can see exactly when notes start and end and insert CC changes *just* before a note starts for example. You can also get Hyperdraw to display in the score window, but it's not quite as accurate.

    I tend to use this method for drawing in CC11 (expression), Modwheel, Pitch bend etc. I still use track automation for volume.

    You need to experiment and see what works for you....

    Good luck - Colin
  10. David51

    David51 Senior member

    Thanks Colin, Great to have learned so much from you, very much appreciated. I am glad to be able to report that my previous score fetishism has gone, the music is in the Piano Roll, even if the score looks like a Conlan Nancarrow etude.

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