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Logic 8 Can I clean install Logic Pro 8 upgrade?

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by Paul Zimmer, May 28, 2009.

  1. Paul Zimmer

    Paul Zimmer Member


    I have Logic 7.2.3 installed on my old mac, and an unopened "Logic Pro 8" upgrade. I've just bought a new mac which I'd like to install the upgrade to, so my question is: do I need to install Logic 7 on my new mac first? Ideally I'd like to install Logic Pro 8 fresh, as this seems like the cleaner way of doing it, but I don't know if this will work - the Pro 8 DVD specifically says "upgrade", which makes me dubious. Can anyone advise one way or the other?
    Thanks in advance,

  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    You can definitely install version 8 without having version 7 on your drive - even though it's called an "upgrade". You will need to have your L7 dongle inserted though in order for the L8 Upgrade installer to work. The requirement of the old dongle is the attribute that distinguishes this "upgrade" from the stand alone new version.
  4. Paul Zimmer

    Paul Zimmer Member

    Hi Eli,

    That's great news, many thanks for your help.
    (I love your avatar, by the way!)

    Paul Zimmer
    ZAP! (Zimmer Audio Production)

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