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Logic 9 Can I sync logic 9 to tape

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by amplesou, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. amplesou

    amplesou New Member

    Hi,I,m a newbie,,

    I have a new set up based around logic 9 ,2inch tape recorder and a motu 828 mk 2.
    I can get smpte into the motu smpte reader but logic does,nt seem to work

    Does logic read smpte direct or does it require converting to midi time code?

    Think I have all the setting right?

    Maybe I need a midi time piece to make it work

    Also reading on various places will logic audio stay in sync

    Any advice would be appreciated,I am sure this subject has been covered before ,but I can,t find it


  3. sonnykeyes

    sonnykeyes Senior member

    Pretty sure your 828 will convert the SMPTE to MTC and trigger Logic with that - that's how I used to do it back when I used tape. I seem to remember there was a tiny bit of drift between the SMPTE and the MTC. (at slow tempi? Can't remember) Logic always required a hardware interface to convert the SMPTE though, it doesn't read it directly. You do need to go to Settings/Synchronization and select MTC from the flip-menu and select the appropriate frame rate.
  4. amplesou

    amplesou New Member


    It works !

    Don,t know for sure what I did but.....

    Think it may have been the offset,set by almost an hour!!

    Only tested over a coupl,e of minutes,will stripe tape for 10 minutes to see if all is well?

    Once again thanks for clarefiying.

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