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Logic 9 Can you please help me on this!

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by LIASIS, Oct 5, 2010.


    LIASIS New Member

    Hi guys

    I am new to Logic and after many uses last night i faced an issue which i dont know to to fix it.

    My project has 25-30 channels (tracks) on it and all are playing perfect. Now when i add another track and loading an instrument to it i have the following problem:

    I can hear the sound from the instrument by playing notes on my keyboard..
    i can also record those notes
    BUT after this i cant hear NOTHING when i play it back. Why?

    Can you please help me and tell me your suggestions on this?

    Thank you in advance
  3. Drums4Ry

    Drums4Ry New Member

    Hi LIASIS, when it's recording, do you see the midi notes being laid down as you play? Have you armed the track for recording before hitting the record button?- On the left side, for each track there will be a mute, solo, record, and other buttons depending on your personal settings. You'll need to hit the record button on that keyboard track before hitting record on the project. When adding the keyboard track as you say, it should automatically be put into record-ready state, where the red record light is active for that particular track and lets you know it's ready to record. Maybe you have your already recorded tracks soloed? Can you give more info about what your settings are? Thanks.
  4. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Is it possible there is some mute automation on that track?

    What are you using as your keyboard controller?

    Does it generate sounds on it's own?

    Is it possible this is what you are hearing when you are playing it, and not in fact your software instrument?

    Is it a possible MIDI channel mismatch?

    What channel is your controller generating on? Is your software instrument's MIDI channel set to "all"? Is it possible the events being recorded are channelized to a specific MIDI channel that doesn't correspond to your instrument's channel setting - if it is not set to "all"?

    Does changing it to "all" change the playback behavior?

    What about changing the channelization of the recorded MIDI notes?

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