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Cant change or delete group fades?

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by GaryJackson, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. GaryJackson

    GaryJackson Member

    Hi guys,

    I know there have been some fade issues with logic X however I can't seem to find a way to select all my audio files and apply a fade in/out to the selected group?

    I can't even delete the fades when they are selected in a group, with the delete all fades option. I can when I select one or two but when I try to select more it comes up with some stars in the left hand fade options panel. I kind of need to do it this way as I have 160 odd tracks with each track containing about 10 / 20 audio files, thus to do this one by one will take way to much time. Plus I have another 100 Tracks to do on another file.

    Anyway, I have search for a solution and can't seem to find one.

    Is anyone else aware of this annoying and ridiculous issue, and is there a fix coming?

    Cheers guys..

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  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    The delete all fade files function is ambiguously named. It does not get rid of the existing fades. It gets rid of the fade files that are created when you use fades. They then get rebuilt the next time you start playback.

    You are on the right track by selecting multiple files and editing them via the Region Inspector. The asterisk you see indicates that there are multiple files selected with different values. All you need to do is then mouse slide up/down in the fade out or fade in field to change them all at the same time. To get rid of them, mouse slide up a bit, then down to the the bottom, a value of zero; and they will disappear.
  4. GaryJackson

    GaryJackson Member

    I thanks,

    I tried that and it does seem to work but its buggy. Sometimes I see the fade working and others it doesn't. It seems to show some of them but not others. Its definitely an improvement but seems quite inconsistent.

    I will keep messing with it and see what happens. Thanks for your help.

  5. mt100uk

    mt100uk Senior member

    Hi Gary there is definitely some odd/buggy behaviour with fades at the moment, I don't think it's you!

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  6. GaryJackson

    GaryJackson Member

    Yeah, I have had a few graphic issues as well. Still have them where it cuts off the region graphically. Its till there when you click on it and pops up but it seems to do it when you are using fades and leave a small dot at the bottom of the region and half of it is cut off? Its not a major but its a pain in the rear.
  7. orcasound

    orcasound Member

    I have an issue that just cropped up regarding fades…. opened a project and had fades on a lead vocal track… visually the fades showed but every time the track played - at the point of the fade, the audio played something else… as if e the fades belonged to the elec gtr tracks… strangeness. First time I've seen this
    If I deleted the fades, the audio would still incl. the weirdness… if I dragged out the region… and then redrew the fade…. the issue would go away.

    Is it possible that Logic could confuse what fades go where…
    I haven't had this project open in about a month… but it was never like this.


    Mac Pro / 2.4 8 core, LPX 10.0.6
  8. GaryJackson

    GaryJackson Member


    I did hear of an issue where fades were actually causing issues with playback on some audio files. If you do a Google search on it, if pops up on some forum somewhere. Im not totally sure if its the same issues as you are having but it could be. I heard the latest patch/update fixed the issues...but not for me anyway.

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