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Logic 8 can't find all of my logic instruments in folder-structure --- HELP!

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by peterspiano, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. peterspiano

    peterspiano Member

    Hi there Logic experts!

    I've got a bit of a confusion here… I'm looking in my library in Logic 8, and at the same time comparing the offered instruments here with the ones I can find in the following folders:

    Harddrive - Library - Application Support - GarageBand - Instrument Library - Sampler - Sampler Instruments


    Harddrive - Library - Application Support - Logic - Sampler Instruments

    I'm making an effort now to catalogue my efforts of looking at all of my instruments. Ie. finding the actual files where the instruments are located - copying the names into a text-edit program - then describing the ones which i like in a text edit program. Trying to be scientific about it in an effort to save time down the line.


    I can't find all of the Apple-Instruments (ie GarageBand/Logic) in the folders in my computer. I have looked in the places described above to no avail. There are, for example there are 32 different electric guitars in the Library in Logic 8. I can only find 12 in Logic's Sampler Instrument Library.

    Harddrive - Library - Application Support - Logic - Sampler Instruments - 08 Guitars - 02 Electric Guitars.

    Where are the rest of these instruments? They are also NOT in the Legacy folder or in the Garageband Sampler Instrument Folder. I have also tried searching for the individual instruments, for example the "Beatnik Guitar" which is referred to in the "Sculpture" Plugin as "Electric Guitar Beatnik". I've tried searching for "beatnik", "beatnik exs", "electric beatnik" etc etc etc….where are these phantom instruments?!?!

    many thanks for any input!!!! :) I really appreciate any suggestions :)


    ps. i'm using

    Logic Pro 8.0.2
    Mac OS X 10.6.8
  3. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    The Sculpture Beatnik guitar is at

    Application Support/Logic/Plug-in Settings/Sculpture/Sculpture Legacy/Guitars/Electric Guitar Beatnick.pst

    Intersting they spell Beatnik correctly in the channel strip setting but not the actual plugin setting!

    It is confusing with not only the Sculpture "plucked instruments" folder, but also all the stuff in the legacy folder.

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