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Logic TDM Cant find DAE program

Discussion in 'Logic TDM' started by Mjusik, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Mjusik

    Mjusik New Member

    Hi folks, im sitting on a HD2 system i havent used for years.. therefor struggling hard to get it working again. ive been upgrading from tiger to leopard 10.5.8, and logic 8.0.2 .. from an early version of tiger and logic 7 where everytin worked like a charm.

    Only thing im lacking is the pro tools software updates.. and that becoz ive i dont inted to use it, and never did.. to the question!!

    Do i need to install the acctual pro tools software in order to get the hardware to function? Is there any drivers in there i cant live without .. so to speak.

    I tried downloading the core audio driver.. and well that works, but thats just sad, since i wont be using the DPS from the hardware.

    I get this "Cant find DAE program" everytime i try running it.. any suggestions?

    I cant beleive theres no standalone drivers for the hardware, except to install the PT software, where i need to upgrade from 6.4 or sometin.. sheesh (if thats the case, wich i fear)

    Well cheers, and fingers crossed for a solution!
  3. crimsonnoise

    crimsonnoise New Member

    You need to install Pro Tools software. Best to go for version 8.01cs1. Logic comes with a TDM set up guide, it's best to follow that.
  4. tigerman

    tigerman Senior member

    you have to upgrade your pro-tools software it will not work with 6.x
    please go to digidesign/avid website you can find all the compatibility with OS versions.

    if you are on a ppc mac best is to use pt 7.x and logic 8.0.2 on 10.4.11
    if you are on mac intel you can go for logic 9 and pt 8 on 10.5.8
  5. tigerman

    tigerman Senior member

    Hi Crimsonnoise
    they have release 8.0.1cs2 a couple of weeks ago if you mind :)
    the last 8.0.1 release they have said...
  6. crimsonnoise

    crimsonnoise New Member

    ah well, thanks. for the moment i have given up on Logic TDM, so far so good...
  7. Mjusik

    Mjusik New Member

    Thx for the answers guys, so i need the software then..

    Well i kinda made up my mind to sell this system and buy a apogee duet instead.. mind this is the OLD version of HD2 , with PCI standrad-slots wich makes it kinda annoying to go from PPC to INTEL..and since plugs nowadays like everytin else is going towards Intel.. well, kinda does it for me.

    Gonna use my Macbook with a duet i think, or perhaps ensamble if i get a good deal.


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