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Logic 9 Can't find Kontakt in plug-in list

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by jeffgreenleaf, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. jeffgreenleaf

    jeffgreenleaf New Member

    I just bought my first set of plug-ins from Sample Logic and I'm already stuck. I installed everything onto Kontakt player and it sounds great as a standalone player. But I can't seem to find Native Instruments/Kontakt in the AU Instruments plug-ins area in Logic. I know (once it's there) the command chain is something like:

    AU Instruments > Native Instruments > Kontakt Player 3.

    But the only thing in that area says "Apple."

    Kontakt is checked in the Audio Units preferences. i re-scanned it again. the thing is, there are a couple things listed there (including Kontakt) where the "nodes" box isn't checked. It's actually grey and un-checkable. Those are all the AU's that are not listed in the plug in folder, too. does that help pinpoint? i couldn't figure out how to un-install Kontakt (and try again) so I re-installed Kontakt again. This probably didn't help. Any troubleshooting help?

    Thanks from a newbie!!

  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Hi Jeff,

    The "nodes" are plug-ins that you can use a second computer over a network to run on... VI's can't, only FX AU's.

    As for kontakt, you are making an instrument track and selecting kontakt from the insert/slot just below the letters I/O right ;-). this where an instrument in instantiated from, the inserts are for FX, eq, ect.

    Hope that helps,

    George Leger III
  4. jeffgreenleaf

    jeffgreenleaf New Member

    Thanks George! I'm up and running!

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